Treatment Review – Waxperts

This blog was originally written by me and posted on 18th December 2014.

Let me tell you, I have been absolutely desperate to sit down and write this review and with enormous effort I have held back until now. I wanted to make sure that everything I experienced during the treatment could be validated, that the proof was in the pudding, so here I am at my keyboard two weeks on from my big life changing experience.
Life changing experience? Wait, what? Is this a review of a waxing treatment or a trip to The Himalayas? Well, just suspend your cynicism for a minute and read on. This is a very personal account of one ginger lassie’s relationship with hair removal.

The Old Days – My Hair Removal Hell.

I could recount to you a catalogue of horrendously bad experiences with waxing. The last time I had an underarm wax (10 years ago) it was excruciating, I bled and cried. The inflammation and irritation took a number of weeks to subside. My first bikini wax resulted in boils, pus and weeks of recovery time. I can just about cope with my eyebrows, but I still would take antihistamines as a precaution and sit on my hands incase I unintentionally punched my waxer in the face mid-treatment in response to the horrible pain she was inflicting. I quickly conceded to the fact I was a nightmare client, with nightmare hair and skin who would probably just be better off in the shower with a razor. But that hurt too! The regrowth was itchy and left my skin ugly, red and inflamed. Quite honestly I gave up on hair removal altogether and revelled in a hippy, tree hugger approach to my body hair – I really had no other choice. Other methods of hair removal are not open to me as my very light coloured hair and skin make me a poor candidate.

My team at work has recently gotten into the Waxperts brand, a specific Waxing technique and product range from Ireland. Terrified by the whole prospect I didn’t really get involved. To be honest my greatest fear was they would ask me to be a model and it would go horribly wrong in front of everyone on the class and in one fell swoop everyone would be put off the brand and techniques because of my stupid skin. I thought everyone would be disappointed and horrified when they saw me have a reaction, not realising that I’m a freak and I just ‘can’t get waxed’.

Day One. The Underarms.

The professionals from Waxperts were having none of this. After a great deal of persuasion and reassurance I finally consented to be a model for underarm waxing on a Waxperts course that was running two weeks ago. I was in the capable hands of Trish, who before even removing one hair had already completely gained my trust and calmed me right down, this woman is a true professional! Trish applied the Waxperts hot wax while talking through every little nuance of her technique with the class gathered close around my left underarm. I was attempting transcendental meditation at this point, only marginally reassured by the pleasant warmth of the wax against my skin. When Trish removed the Hot Wax something quite remarkable happened – I FELT NO PAIN. What I felt could be described as mild discomfort. From reading this confessional outpouring you are now personally aware of how sensitive my skin is, can you believe this happened? I was pretty sure I must be dreaming and I waited for the searing, white hot pain to set in, but no. Nothing. The mild discomfort dissipated in under 30 seconds. Well, my mind was utterly blown. Not only did it not really hurt at all, there was (and still is) no bleeding, no redness, no itching and my underarms feel soft and completely smooth. I can’t tell you how happy I am they convinced me to let this happen. One of the things I heard Trish talk about with the students was that they want to bring the TREAT back into a waxing treatment, which for most people is the complete opposite of a treat. It absolutely was a TREATment. The proof is in the pudding. Not since 2009 have my expectations been met and exceeded the way they were that day. 

Day Two. The Whole Shebang.

So that was me hooked, I went back the following day to be a model for my legs and complete Hollywood bikini waxing (that’s the whole shebang by the way, including the back garden.) I honestly never believed this would be possible for me.

Once I was back up on the bed on day two, the fear started to set in again… Underarms are one thing, but this? What the heck am I doing?! I was starting to imagine myself not being able to walk, having to sit on a bag of ice… But no. Once again the experience was not only tolerable, but actually pleasant and I’m looking forward to having it done again next time. I am not saying it was a beautiful feeling having the hair from this area removed, of course some of it stung a bit, but what was done right after to soothe the area and how quickly the discomfort subsided was the instant game changer for me.

Once You Glimpse the New World, You Can Never Go Back.

So here I am two weeks later. I have been following my aftercare religiously, using my Waxperts Wonder Pads. Not one ingrown hair, not one boil and still beautiful smoothness. This is a completely new world for me. I have never experienced this sensation before in my life and am now completely addicted. My skin wasn’t even RED afterwards! My skin?! Seriously, I am never going to shut up about this.

Become a Waxpert in the U.K. & Ireland, whether you are a complete beginner to waxing or already experienced. Call Sweet Squared on 0333 000 7000 or visit my.sweetsquared to find your nearest Waxperts Educator and check out available dates.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

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