Fridays with Fee: Episode 4 – Festive Nail Art

fee wallace nail art styles for xmas episode 4 facebook live

Thanks if you joined us for our final Facebook LIVE, it was a lot of fun! To watch the broadcast now, scroll down to the end of this blog post, or CLICK HERE to head over to Sweet Squared’s FB page to watch with all the comments.

Our favourite look from Episode four – CND Shellac ‘Down by the Bae’ with :YOURS Stamping Nail Art using the ‘Take A Bow’ :YOURS Stamping Plate & White Light Stamping Polish.

The weather was wild that Friday morning, we had a big dump of snow overnight, and it took me twice as long to get to work. We thought we might end up going live from the snowy roadside.

Stopped to get a picture of the sun shining over the snow surrounded loch on the way to Sweet Squared, Edinburgh.

All the week leading up to the live, I had been creating festive nail styles and we decided after asking what everyone wanted to see most, that we would do some tips for festive french application – DEEP AND CRISP AND EEEEEVEN!

:YOURS Stamping Plate ‘A Christmas Gift’ over Lecenté Create SOHO Gel Polish.

I had hoped to do some foil french under camera, but we didn’t quite fit that one in. See below for the step by step.

Foil french pastel snowflake nails with Lecenté Create and :YOURS Stamping

Festive Foil French Manicure – step by step

Begin with a selection of pastel gel polish colours. Here I used Lecenté Create; Mint to Be, Lazy Sundaes, Easy as Pie & Let Them Eat Cake.
Lecenté Create is a professional nail brand, all products listed are available from Sweet Squared in the UK.

After curing the pastel base colours, it’s time to stamp. I used the :YOURS Loves YOU festive stamping plate ‘Take a Bow’, :YOURS Halo Stamper and the :YOURS Stamping Polish ‘White Light’.
To see the stamping process with these products, skip to minute 34:00 in the video below.

After stamping, it’s time for the foil tip. Lecenté Foil Gel is a product created specifically for applying transfer foil to nails. Create colours don’t have the kind of sticky layer after curing that some other gel polishes have, so in order to get the perfect foil application, I recommend using Foil Gel wherever you want the foil to stick.

I applied Foil Gel with a detailer brush along the tip of each nail and cured for 120 seconds. After curing, press on Lecenté Pure Gold Foil (matte side down) and rub with a dry pad. When you pull off the backing, the gold foil will have transferred onto the foil gel.
Finish with Lecenté Create Top Coat.

Fridays with Fee: Episode 4 – Facebook Live

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2 thoughts on “Fridays with Fee: Episode 4 – Festive Nail Art

  1. Great manis. Really like the gold tips french one. Great photo by the way. I was out that day and got loads of photos of the snowy scenes. I am on the other side near Glasgow though haha! Not been to Edinburgh for ages, with these restrictions and all.


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