CND Mediterranean Dream Collection – Summer 2022 – CND Shellac & Vinylux

This collection is dreamy! But is it summery? I wasn’t sure at first, but day by day I am falling in love with it. Our spring collection from CND was super bright and vibrant, so we’ve got that covered. (You can check that out HERE) What this new summer collection gives us is a set of 6 absolutly bang on trend colours to match and compliment our client’s summer 2022 wardrobes. Take a look at the fabrics and the colours of accessories starting to appear on the high street. This colour palette is EVERYWHERE. So whether your first reaction is to love it or not, it’s precisely hitting the trend mark, and your clients will surely be seeking it out.

CND Shellac Summer 2022 Mediterranean Dream Collection

What I know you came here looking for, are the colour comparison shots! Am I right? How can we know which of the colours to buy, if we haven’t seen them in person to compare with the colours in our existing collection? Well dear reader, this time I teamed up with @CharlotteCNDDenmark to provide a more extensive range of comparison photos. Read on!

CND Shellac Mediterranean Dream Collection applied to CND PLEXIGEL Enhancements

As usual, we dedicated a live show to the launch of this collection, if you missed it, you can register for our next one HERE. Tune in Tuesday is a fortnightly webinar show for Nail Professionals hosted by me, Fee Wallace. I love to focus not only on new product launches, but original nail art styles step by step, colour comparisons, technical troubleshooting to improve our technique and seasonal inspo we can use to delight and excite our nail clients all year round.

:YOURS Loves CND Stamping Plate Summer Special

For a limited time, this cool new stamping plate designed by our very own Nataliya Al-Ta’ai is available for free when you purchase the Mediterranean Dream Collection from Sweet Squared. Whether you are getting the colours in Shellac, Vinylux or both, pick up this stamping plate to go along with it. Shop the collection here: Full Collection, in CND Shellac & in CND Vinylux

CND Vinylux Polish Summer 2022 Collection Mediterranean Dream

The Colours…

CND Shellac Linen Luxury over a CND PLEXIGEL Enhancement

Linen Luxury

This lovely creamy nude is gorgeous to apply. For a colour saturated with so much white, it really goes on like a dream. My all time favourite Shellac nude is Silk Slip Dress from the CND Party Ready Collection, and this new nude hits all the same good spots, but it lighter and brighter for summer. Fully opaque in two thin layers and perfect as a base to decorate with iridescent glitter or Flakes.

Colour comparisons for Shellac Linen Luxury created by Fee Wallace & Charlotte Havsholm

CND Shellac Boats & Bikinis over a CND PLEXIGEL Enhancement

Boats & Bikinis

This is the best blue I’ve seen in years! What a stunning colour, we have nothing like it in the range so far. Boats & Bikinis is by far my most used colour from this collection so far, our clients are going wild for it. I’d describe it as a rich teal blue, and have found it looks great on everyone. It’s a perfect ‘something blue’ on toes for our summer brides who are heading straight off to the sun on honeymoon.

Colour comparisons for Shellac Boats & Bikinis created by Fee Wallace & Charlotte Havsholm

CND Shellac Boats & Bikinis over PLEXIGEL Enhancements by Fee Wallace

CND Shellac Artisan Bazaar over a CND PLEXIGEL Enhancement

Artisan Bazaar

A perfectly pretty powder purple, Artisan Bazaar falls in our existing range somewhere close to Lilac Longing, but sweeter, and a little cooler. Be sure to give this colour a real good shake before each use, I’ve found this colour in particular benefits from a thorough blend every time. Of course, if you are using the iMix to blend your Shellac colours, you won’t need to worry about that.

Colour comparison for CND Shellac Artisan Bazaar created by Fee Wallace & Charlotte Havsholm

This colour is another great base to decorate. I loved this watery, crystal, summertime design using :YOURS Flakes in Flair, CND Shellac Matte Top Coat, :YOURS White Light Stamping Polish, and the new stamping plate that comes free with this new collection.

CND Shellac Nail art Design with Stamping and Flakes by Fee Wallace

CND Shellac Terracotta Dreams over a CND PLEXIGEL Enhancement

Terracotta Dreams

Lovely and warm, earthy and rustic, but still finished with glossy refinement – Terracotta Dreams is a beautiful colour. I think it’s the first proper terracotta colour we’ve had in the range. You will see from the colour comparison, that it’s warmer with more red than Clay Canyon, but darker and less peachy than Soulmate.

Colour comparison for CND Shellac Terracotta Dreams created by Fee Wallace & Charlotte Havsholm

I have used Terracotta Dreams as a base under my favourite CND Over the Top Effect, Off The Chain. To get the wonderful bronze chrome effect, finish two layers of Terracotta Dreams with a cured layer of CND Shellac No Wipe Top Coat, then buff the powder into the nail surface with a clean dry piece of cosmetic sponge, before finishing with the Top Coat of your choice.

CND Shellac Terracotta Dreams with Shellac No Wipe Top Coat and Off The Chain Chrome Effect

CND Shellac Limoncello over a CND PLEXIGEL Enhancement


Shellac Limoncello is right on the cusp of yellow and orange. More muddy and muted than Jellied or Among the Marigolds, while being less orange compared to Gypsy, and a good deal less caramel than Candlelight.

Colour comparison for CND Shellac Limoncello created by Fee Wallace & Charlotte Havsholm

Creating nail art looks with this colour was a lot of fun. By far my most remarked on and best loved so far has been this Shining Mosaic design. You can find a detailed step by step plus a list of all the products and tools used to create this design over on the S2 BLOG. It might not be up yet, but keep your eyes peels, it should be live in a day or two.

CND Shellac Limoncello with :YOURS Stamping Nail Art & Lecenté Foil

CND Shellac Olive Grove over a CND PLEXIGEL Enhancement

Olive Grove

What a colour! Olive Grove is not for everyone, but for those who love these murky, khaki browns and greens, this is going to be a big hit. This colour is most similar to Cap & Gown, but it’s just a little lighter for this summer season ahead. Exactly what we are starting to see in the shops all over the fabrics and accessories. Olive Grove is one for your trend focused fashionista clients. I think it looks especially great finished with CND Shellac Matte Top Coat.

Thanks for checking out the blog! I’d love to know what you think here in the comments or over on social. It would be great to hear which colour is your favourite, which is your least favourite – and why! If you are posting about this collection anywhere online, please tag me so I can see what you think.

Fee xxx


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