CND Shellac & YOURS Flakes – Mermaid at the Club Nail Design

These nails have knocked everyones socks off, and while mermaids don’t wear socks, they would definitely wear these nails, heading out to an aquatic rave.

Step 1
This look works great on natural nails as part of a CND Shellac Manicure, or as a final decorative layer to finish a set of nail enhancements. For a natural nail manicure, first perform CND PEP to prepare your clients nails, then apply and cure CND Shellac Base Coat.
For nail enhancements, finish file and cleanse thoroughly with ScrubFresh before moving on to the next step.

Step 2
Apply and cure two layers of dark Purple Shellac colour. Use my suggestion above, or alternatively you could try Rock Royalty, Secret Diary, or the new Violet Rays.

Step 3
Using a dry brush (the G1 Applicator Brush is ideal), apply Flair down one half of the nail, and Aurora down the other. Apply by pressing the :YOURS Elements Flakes directly on to the stick top film of the cured Shellac colour layer. Once the colour is covered, give the nails a good rub with your brush, this will remove any flyaway or sticky-up pieces of flake easily.

Step 4
Now we apply and cure a layer of Shellac colour down the centre portion of the nail, leaving an exposed margin around the sidewalls and cuticle. I recommend using a darker Shellac colour that is solidly opaque in one layer. Use Peacock Plume as I have recommended above, or try Powerful Hematite, Mercurial or Spike.

Step 5
With a dry applicator brush, apply Unicorn Flakes all over the cured Shellac colour. As before, rub firmly all over the nails to remove any loose pieces of Flake. You should find they come away very easily.

Step 6
Finish with the CND Shellac Top Coat best suited to the needs of your client.

Below is a quick video tutorial to accompany the step by step above. I hope it’s helpful!

Thanks for checking out the blog! I’d love to know what you think here in the comments of over on social!

Fee xxx


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