CND COLORWORLD – 14 New CND Shellac & Vinylux Colours November 2022

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Well what do we have here?? FOURTEEN new CND nail shades all at once! This is a big news, this is WILD! Only once before have we added so many colours to our existing CND Shellac and Vinylux collections in one go.

The last time we got a big bunch of colours together was the Exclusive Fifteen, which you can read about HERE. As I write this, I am sitting at my computer waiting for the door to go and my delivery to arrive. It should be here any minute and the excitement is thick in the air.

CND COLORWORLD Collection Shade Chart – available in CND Shellac & Vinylux

Now let’s be real. I wonder if like me, when you first saw the images of the new CND COLORWORLD Collection you thought, ‘Oh. Maybe that’s not quite what I was expecting’, ‘Do these look a bit dull and muted?’ Or maybe, ‘Hmm, don’t know if I can justify adding 14 new colours to my collection all at once?’
After my initial automatic reservations, I decided to suspend my concerns and keep my mind open. I remembered that this is CND we are talking about. A company with its perfectly manicured fingertip on the cutting edge of colour theory. CND takes its inspiration for colour collections from high fashion, the world of design and art. CND’s colour selections are tested out on different demographics of end users – actual nail clients, as well as nail professionals. This collection has been engineered to hit the spots that are missing in our current CND Shellac & Vinylux shade charts. It seems likely that the colour choices are more sophisticated than it may initially appear.
If you were expecting neons or festive glitters, CND COLORWORLD won’t hit those notes for you, but that’s not what this collection is all about…

– Maple Leaves
– Love Letter
– Toffee Talk

CND Shellac COLORWORLD Reds, Maple Leaves, Toffee Talk, Love Letter, fall image by Fee Wallace

CND Shellac Maple Leaves is a deep, warm, orange-red. Completely opaque, shimmer-free creme-gloss, absolutly perfect for this time of year. Not as dark as Brick Knit, but much more opaque. More orange than Books & Beaujolais, but redder than Wooded Bliss.
CND Shellac Love Letter is a dreamy creamy red-pink. Completely cream, it’s deeper and more complex than Rose Bud, but pinker and more rosey when compared to Terracotta Dreams.
CND Shellac Toffee Talk is one of my favourites in this collection. You’ll notice that it’s similar to Fuji Love, but more neutral with less pink. Deeper than the classic Satin Pajamas, and much less yellow compared to Sweet Cider.

Colour comparison picture by Fee Wallace of CND Shellac Love Letter, Toffee Talk, Maple Leaves, compared to other shades in the existing range.

This entire collection of CND Shellac and Vinylux shades is completely shimmer free. All 14 colours are creme, and I find myself wondering about this. Is it simply that shimmery or metallic textures are not on trend for this season? Are the glittery and frosted shades not so popular? I find that nail colour with a little shimmer, or even a more heavily metallic texture will usually be extremely flattering on older skin. Handily for these clients, we have layering options. The Shellac shades I’m keeping on hand to shimmer-ify the CND COLORWORLD collection are as follows: CND Shellac Ice Bar, CND Shellac Silver VIP Status, CND Shellac Hot Chilis – an AMAZING choice to layer over all sorts of colours, and beautiful over anything when applied in a nice thin layer, CND Shellac Moonlight & Roses.

– Rose-Mance
– Mulberry Tart
– Petal Party

CND Shellac Rose-mance, Petal Party, Mulberry Tart, fall autumn image by Fee Wallace

CND Shellac Mulberry Tart is a wonderful dusky plum. This is definitely a contender for my very favourite in the range. We have nothing quite like this in the range. As you will see, Mulberry Tart is more grey/brown next to Married to the Mauve, while being deeper and slightly less blue than Lilac eclipse.
CND Shellac Rose-Mance is my new favourite pink in the range (Move over Magenta Mischief) This reminds me of classic CND lacquers from back in the day such as Indonesian Silk – you’ve been at it a long time if you remember that one! It’s pinker than wooded Bliss, and much deeper than Satin Pajamas.
CND Shellac Petal Party is a pretty, soft cream pink. It’s a lovely little thing. Though similar in tone, she’s pinker than Field Fox, and a good bit cooler than Satin Pajamas.

Comparison picture by Fee Wallace for CND Shellac Mulberry Tart, Rose-mance, Petal Party, compared to other shades in the existing range

From using the CND COLORWORLD collection non-stop over this past week, I have noticed that the opacity of the colours in incredible. CND have really knocked it out the park in terms of the pigment blend and formula. Over enhancements, such as CND PLEXIGEL, I have been applying COLOURWORLD shades in one layer only, as they are often coming out completely flawless on the first coat. This is helpful for art techniques, and especially those procedures that require multiple layers of top coat. Remember though, if we are completing a regular CND Shellac manicure on natural nails, the method calls for two cured layers of CND Shellac Color for best results.

– Vintage Blue Jeans
– Frosted Seaglass
– Above My Pay Grey-ed

CND COLORWORLD blues, Shellac Vintage Blue Jeans, Above My Pay Grey-ed, Frosted Seaglass, fall autumn picture by Fee Wallace

CND Shellac Vintage Blue Jeans is a creamy light blue with the tiniest touch of lavender. Much lighter than Denim Patch, but more muted and less ‘cornflower blue’ than Down by the Bay.
CND Shellac Frosted Seaglass is similar to Morning Dew from the CND In Fall Bloom Collection, but to me, Frosted Seaglass is lighter and less green by comparison, and I think I prefer it for that reason. It could almost be considered a grey, but it has more blue in it than Whisper or Mystic Slate.
CND Shellac Above My Pay Grey-ed is a really gorgeous cream greige. It’s what my high school tech teacher would have called ‘donkey brown’ – a very useful colour indeed when it comes to design. Cooler and lighter than our classic Rubble, and with a touch more mauve than Skipping Stones or Change Sparker.

CND Shellac color comparioson picture by Fee wallace for Above My Pay Grey-ed, Vintage Blue Jeans, Frosted Sea Glass, compared to other Shades in the existing range

Getting 14 new CND Shellac shades all at once is a lot! It’s going to take a bit of time to try out every combination with glitter, chrome, glazing and stamping. I’ve already had some fun with CND Shellac NO WIPE+ TOP COAT and the CND Over the Top Effects Collection. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates with COLORWORLD as a base.

– Running Latte
– Gilded Sage
– We Want Mauve

CND Shellac Gilded Sage, Running Latte, We Want Mauve, COLORWORLD Collection, fall autumn picture by Fee Wallace

CND Shellac We Want Mauve is a creamy neutral pinky-beige. Technically I guess it is a light mauve of sorts.. but maybe less purple than I would expect from a colour with the word ‘mauve’ in the title, so don’t be confused. We Want mauve lives next door to colours such as Field Fox, Unlocked & Flowerbed Folly, but occupies a space all of its own. I’m super glad we have her.
CND Shellac Running Latte lands somewhere between Wrapped in Linen and Vagabond. More orange than Brimstone, more yellow than Sweet Cider. You expect honestly from me in this blog dear reader, and honestly, I don’t love Running Latte. I mean, its not horrible, and I have been forced to eat my hat in the face of how many people have told me this is their favourite in the whole collection. So my advice is, if you are not sure, get it anyway, and like me, enjoy being amazed at the people who fall for it and choose to wear it – LOVE THAT FOR THEM!
CND Shellac Gilded Sage is described by CND as an algae green. Brace yourself, I’m going to complain again… This colour is soft and delightful, and goes on like a dream, HOWEVER, there is disappointment out there. Since we lost Sage Scarf (plus other greens) from our range, we have been desperate for a beautiful, quintessential sage green. Clients ask for it and we simple don’t have an option for them. This colour, with the word ‘sage’ in the title, teases us that it’s going to fulfil that need, and it absolutly does not. A soft algae green by any other name, would most certainly smell sweeter. Once you get over that though, Gilded Sage is a great shade in its own right, so take it from me, don’t go in a huff and be put off!

CND Shellac comparison picture We Want Mauve, Running Latte, Gilded Sage from COLORWORLD collection compared to other shades in the range

If you want to explore nail designs and colour combinations using the CND COLORWORLD Collection, I recommend getting onto social media and following these hashtags: #cndcolorworld #cndemea #cndea #sweetsquared & #cnd. Sweet Squared’s CND Education Mentors in the UK were given the challenge to create extra cool videos and images for this collection, and the results we are seeing are amazing! Check out Sweet Squared’s nails insta HERE.

– All Frothed Up
– Backyard Nuptials

CND Shellac COLORWORLD Sheers Backyard Nuptials and All Frothed Up fall autumn themed image by Fee Wallace

Both CND Shellac All Frothed Up and CND Shellac Backyard Nuptials are beautifully sheer in one layer with a bit more coverage in two. Pictured here on clear plastic full cover tips, I have applied each shade in two layer and finished with top coat. Remember that sheer colours rely heavily on what is underneath to give them their final look, so will come out different on different clients or nail surfaces. The clean girl manicure trend is alive and well right now, and both All Frothed Up and Backyard Nuptials are PERFECT in one layer to create the ultra natural and healthy shimmer-free result we expect from this popular look.

comparison picture for CND COLORWORLD sheers, backyard nuptials and all frothed up, by fee wallace

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5 thoughts on “CND COLORWORLD – 14 New CND Shellac & Vinylux Colours November 2022

  1. I’m so excited to see these new colors! They’re all so beautiful and I can’t wait to try them out. I love the idea of Mulberry Tart for a really rich look—I think that’s going to be my favorite one.


  2. Love the collection, but I wish this it would’ve included a true chocolate brown, which is missing from CND. I have to use Gelish for my clients that request this color. It’s the only color in my collection that isn’t CND. 🙁


  3. Hi, love your photos and reviews. So, we’re wondering if we have your permission to use some of your photos on our website, to help our customers to pick colors. Please let us know your terms by emailing us. I tried to find your contact form or email but couldn’t find it.
    Thanks for your help!


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