CND Shellac 15 New Colours – Luxe Exclusives Now Available In Shellac

fee wallace cnd shellac colours luxe exclusive collection of 15

We have never had as many as fifteen colours launch all at once before now! If you loved the old Luxe exclusive shades then you and your clients can jump for joy. I was very excited to get stuck in swatching this special extra collection.

shellac colors luxe exclusive nail shades 15 now available

This collection has launched today in the UK, you can purchase the collection, including a free cute cosmetics bag if you buy 6 or more. GET THEM HERE!


Swatch Comparisons

Need to know if these colours are for you? Where do they fit in amongst what we have already in the range? Check out the comparison shots below to get in the picture.


shellac grace metalic brown nail color swatch comparison to other colours by fee wallace

What a stunner. At first I wasn’t sure, but when it’s in your hand it is such a gorgeous colour to apply, it just glides on perfectly. There is a slight purply hint to Grace that I think sets it off beautifully. I would 100% wear this myself! Buy CND Shellac in Grace.


Whisper & Silhouette

shellac grey swatch color comparison shot by fee wallace

Just call me Mrs Grey!! Man oh man have we been missing these two from our neutral palette. Whisper is the perfect light grey. Although Mystic slate is cool, and definitely has it’s place, many of us were disappointed that it was more blue than perhaps expected. Whisper is perfect and fixes all of that. Silhouette is just beautiful and fits in perfectly on the lighter side of Asphalt.



shellac aurora pink nail color swatch comparison by fee wallace

Anyone who thinks they don’t need another light pink in their collection is undoubtedly mistaken! Aurora is actually a good deal different to it’s closest sisters in the range, more so than I was expecting.



shellac charm gel polish nail colour hot coral pink swatch comparison by fee wallace

Charm is a stone cold stunner! It’s just so HOT. This colour is an absolute must for summer and if you were only going to buy one colour from this launch I’d say it should be this one.


Phantom & Black Cherry

dark shellac colors black cherry and phantom swatch comparisons by fee wallace

I don’t think there is anything sweeter than an excited goth. Once again my goth clients are utterly delighted. Black Cherry is a proper classic rouge noir, and it goes on like a dream. Phantom is an unusual colour, he’s kind of dark-smoke-charcoal hint of dusty purple. Makes me think of cigar ash smashed into my grey carpet.


Boheme & Chandelier

shellac gel polish nail colors nude brown boheme and chandelier swatch comparison by fee wallace

Chandelier is a shimmering spangly babe and no mistake! Plus, you get the bonus of having Sia’s incredible song Chandelier stuck in your head whenever a client chooses it. Boheme is a beautiful caramel nude. Less yellow than the discontinued shade Cocoa, but perfect for those who loved it.


Brazen & Vivant

purple shellac swatches vivant and brazen comparison by fee wallace

Vivant is a completely sumptuous red grape, blackberry liquor, deep and meaningful gloss bomb. He’s going straight on my toes, I just love it. Brazen is very luscious and even saying the name makes me feel a bit naughty, so I find myself whispering it.

Liberté & Femme Fatale

shellac reds pinks swatch liberte and femme fatale by fee wallace

Reds are hard to photograph. I really did agonise over this comparison shot, but in the end I think we have managed to reasonably do the colours justice. Liberté is actually very warm, the type of colour usually referred to as a tomatoey red. Definitely something we have been needing. Femme Fatale is a glossy bit of deep pink heaven. I know the clients who are going to go wild for it immediately.

Satin Slippers

nude shellac swatch nail color gel polish satin slippers comparison by fee wallace

Satin Slippers is a very pretty slightly sheer, creamy beigey nude. Very feminine and bridal. A great choice for a refined, natural looking manicure.


shellac dark purple nail color gel polish swatch comparison temptation by fee wallace

Last but not least, here is Temptation. So deep and glossy, it’s quite a bit more blue than Rock Royalty, and definitely less creamy. And once again, the internal DJ will hit you with Temptation by Heaven 17, which is never a bad thing!

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Hope this was helpful! I’d love to know what you think of these comparisons, of the colours themselves, or anything else you want to chat about here in the comments or over on Facebook.

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