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I do a lot of nail art and designs for my nail clients as part of my nail services. However, I have a few clients who just love a simple, full coverage, one glitter all over. For those clients, I find the range of Light Elegance Glitter Gels gives us so much choice, and unbelievable staying power.

Light Elegance Glitter Gel ‘I MIST YOU’ over LE hard gel nail enhancements by Fee Wallace

My favourite way to work with nail enhancement systems like LE Gel is to create a set of natural coloured nails, then decorate with colour, glitter or art. This way, when the client returns for their maintenance appointment (also called a rebalance or ‘fill’), I can remove the thin decorative coating quickly and easily, perform the enhancement maintenance, then decorate all over again.

Light Elegance hard gel nail enhancements created from LE Fiber Gel from the Lexy Line, sculpted on LE sculpting forms by Fee Wallace

For those clients who love nothing but glitter, this method is ideal. After file finishing the enhancements, we apply either one, or two, layers of LE Glitter Gel before finishing with top coat.

Light Elegance SHAKE YOUR SALT SHAKER Glitter Gel over natural colored nail enhancements by Fee Wallace posted to Instagram

Light Elegance have a huge range of glitter gels available to choose from, and add a further 24 every year, in 4 seasonal collections of 6. It can be hard to choose when first starting out, but with a bit of research you will find thousands of photographs of beautiful nails showcasing LE Glitter Gels by the many nail professionals around the world who love them.

Light Elegance Glitter POP THE BUBBLY. LE hard gel nail enhancements by Fee Wallace

Another way to find the right LE Glitter Gels to add to your collection is to visit a professional distributor store. Here in the UK, Light Elegance is distributed exclusively by Sweet Squared. There are stores in Leeds, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Light Elegance Glitter Gel THUNDERSTRUCK over LE hard gel enhancements.
Nails by Fee Wallace, posted to Instagram

Light Elegance is a professional nail brand. To use the products it is necessery to complete education and have professional insurance. There is education available in the UK for those of us already qualified to use nail enhancement products, and also for those starting out as beginners to professional nail services. Check out the options for education here:

Light Elegance Glitter Gel set by Fee Wallace

Have you used Light Elegance products? What do you think? I’d love to hear from you here in the comments.

Various LE Glitter Gels over Light Elegance hard gel enhancements by Fee Wallace

Where to buy Light Elegance

To check out the range online you can visit the Light Elegance website or Sweet Squared’s website if you are in the UK.

Light Elegance

Sweet Squared

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