Fridays with Fee – Episodes 1 and 2

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Over this last month, Sweet Squared have kindly given me their Facebook platform to take over for an hour at 11am every Friday! We are half way through our four episodes, and it’s been huge fun so far.

If you managed to tune in, or watched back on catch up, thanks so much for joining us. We have had a blast engaging with all the live comments, and catching up comments after the fact.

If you missed the episodes and would like to watch them back, you’ll find them further down in this blog.

Nail art tips and tricks for stamping with Fee Wallace

Fridays with Fee – Episode 1: Stamping Surgery

In episode one we had a right good laugh. It was great to see so many tuning in. Kirsti Turrell and I chatted free-style about where we find ourselves in the nail industry right now, then got into some nail art stamping.

Stamping is one of the best ways to create intricate nail designs with ease and speed. But that’s not to say it’s going to go smoothly right from the get go! Everyone has to start somewhere, and those of us who stamp with confidence and style, began by making the same mistakes everyone does in the beginning.

Stamping live under camera over CND Shellac.

Kirsti and I agree there are three key factors to getting our stamping nail art looking great every time:

  • Using the right polish to stamp with
  • Preventing the polish from drying in the plate
  • Gentle pressure when picking up the design

These points and other helpful hits and tips are discussed in the live. If you would like to watch it back, we would love to know what you think here in the comments, or over on Facebook.

Recorded LIVE on 13th November 2020. Fee Wallace on Sweet Squared’s Facebook page.
The finished nails from our stamping surgery live

Fridays with Fee – Episode 2:
Nail Enhancements

Episode 2 was a real treat for me. When I started out in the nail industry 23 years ago, all we did was nail enhancements. There was no gel polish, no Shellac manicures in those days, our skills were based around the application and maintenance of liquid & powder, also known as acrylic, nail extensions.

Pictured here: Light Elegance hard gel nail enhancements by Fee Wallace

These days I love to use three systems for the needs of my nail enhancement clients.

  • CND Liquid & Powder
  • Light Elegance Hard Gel
Product shot of Fee Wallace’s three favourite nail enhancement systems.

Check out the LIVE broadcast here or over on Facebook, we’d love to know what you think here in the comments. If you have any questions just give us a shout here: Fee Wallace on Facebook

Fridays with Fee Episode 2: Nail Enhancements. Recorded on 20th November 2020, broadcast live on Sweet Squared’s Facebook page.

And here are the nails after file finishing.

Fee Wallace’s favourite three nail enhancement systems applied live under camera. From bottom L-R: CND L&P, LE Hard Gel, CND PLEXIGEL

We took the time to decorate these enhancements to match the feather ear cuff you may have spotting me wearing in the video.

Nail art created over CND Shellac by stamping using :YOURS stamping plates, polishes and Halo Stamper.

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One thought on “Fridays with Fee – Episodes 1 and 2

  1. Those are 2 great designs. You know for all my years of painting and blogging, never tried stamping or gel polish. I guess I change my colour too much for gels! I also have no social media either!


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