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Tune in Tuesdays is a weekly online webinar series created and presented by me, Fee Wallace, on Sweet Squared’s amazing education platform, Academy2. Each Tuesday I’ll be covering a different topic relevant to Nail Professionals. We will be taking a look at nail art, nail design, natural nails and nail enhancements. I will be covering nail art stamping, hand painting, foil, glitter and all the cool stuff for producing beautiful professional nail art quickly and easily in a real life nail salon environment.

Our next episode, going out at 1pm on Tuesday the 2nd of November, will be a step by step walk through of a nail enhancement rebalance on one of my regular clients. This is something I’ve been asked for many times by nail professionals who watch my lives and tutorial videos. We will go into some of the challenges we need to rectify when performing a rebalance, as well as tips for making the next service go more smoothly.

Form fitting for Light Elegance Gel Enhancements from Tune in Tuesdays with Fee Wallace

We will also be decorating the nails with this beautiful nail art look, and taking you through it step by step during application. I asked my Facebook and Instagram friends what they would name this look. the most popular suggestions were: Aurora Borealis and Northern Lights Nails. Thanks everyone for your kind comments and helpful suggestions!

Aurora Borealis Nail Design by Fee Wallace done step by step for Tune In Tuesdays

To access the show live, or watch a recording at a time that suits you, you will need to register for the webinar. It’s free and just takes a couple of moments if you are already a Sweet Squared customer. And if you are not, it’s quick and easy to sign up.

Sign up for the next Tune in Tuesday episode here:

Sign up as a Sweet Squared customer here:

Check out what’s happening at Academy2 here:

Our first episode of Tune in Tuesdays went out last Tuesday the 26th of October 2021. We had so much fun! Huge thanks to all of you who registered and joined me live. We did Light Elegance Gel Enhancement, plus two super cute nail art looks using CND Shellac, Lecenté Foil, Glitter and :YOURS Stamping and Elements.

Screenshot from Tune in Tuesdays with Fee Wallace on Sweet Squared’s Academy2 Platform.

In every show, whenever we create a nail art deign, a typed up step by step is available to everyone registered for the webinar. I’ll always mention the products I’ve used and my tips for working easily with them.

I was so excited when Sweet squared invited me to create and host this online nail masterclass series. Over the years I’ve gone live for Sweet Squared on Facebook many times, but presenting on this new platform is much cooler. The picture quality of the nail demonstrations close up is so much better, which makes the experiance more worthwhile for everyone.

One of my favourite series of broadcasts for Sweet squared was ‘Fridays with Fee’. You can find links to the first episodes here:
And the rest are all still available to watch on https://www.facebook.com/SweetSquared

Thanks so much for checking out the blog!

I hope to see you on Tuesday,


Fee xx

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