CND™ NUDE Collection – Facebook LIVE & Nail Designs

cnd nude collection facebook live blog banner by fee wallace

We are waiting with bated breath for the CND™ NUDE Collection to arrive in our laps here in the UK & Ireland. I was fortunate to get samples of the colours ahead of time so I could create colour comparison swatches and and try out some nail art styles ahead of launch. I already did … Continue reading CND™ NUDE Collection – Facebook LIVE & Nail Designs



CND Nude collection colors in Fee Wallace blog

New collection, new blog! Exciting times. Nail Professionals have been asking for these true, crème, not-one-bit-of-shimmer nudes for so long. And this will be the perfect time of year for them to land, just as we are all completely sick of Xmas themes and colours.   This collection launches at the start of January, but … Continue reading CND™ NUDE Collection – SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™

Lecenté Chunky Glitters – Designs & Application Techniques

Lecenté Chunky Glitters in Fee Wallace Blog

I have had a Santa's sack full of messages from nail pros looking for the best techniques for applying the new Lecenté Chunky Glitters quickly and easily, AND getting the finished nail to be beautifully smooth and flat. In this video I show 8 different looks with 6 different techniques, including super easy full … Continue reading Lecenté Chunky Glitters – Designs & Application Techniques

CND™ NIGHTSPELL Collection – Shellac™ & Vinylux™

CND nightspell colour collection shellac and vinylux

This 6 colour collection from CND™ is outstanding. I'm going to let the colours do the talking in this blog. Herein will be lots of close ups of the Shellac and Vinylux incarnations of these sumptuous colours and nail design step by steps for looks I created integrating various nail art mediums.  If you are … Continue reading CND™ NIGHTSPELL Collection – Shellac™ & Vinylux™