CND WILD EARTH shellac and vinylux colors in fee wallace blog

Six new shades from CND™ to slide us out of summer and into the autumn!  There are a a few stand out beauties in particular as part of this collection.  I am absolutly thrilled with Wild Earth.

CND Shellac Wild Earth Collection in Fee Wallace blog

In this blog I’ll be talking colour comparisons, and sharing my favourite recommendations for Stamping Nail Art and for Lecenté Glitter to pair with each colour in turn from this new collection.

CND Wild Earth Vinylux colors in fee wallace blog

You may have noticed I’ve been a little quite on the blogging front, jumping back in to review and experiment with this collection has been a delight!  Hope you like it, would love to know what you think.

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fee wallace facebook live for cnd wild earth collection



Blue Moon

Let’s begin with one of those stand out beauties.  Blue Moon is the blue we have been waiting for! So much more glossy and rich when compared to Blue Eyeshadow, but still without a hint of shimmer. It makes me think of that incredible deep blue glaze we see on pottery.


It was pointed out that in the above image, Peacock Plume is looking a bit under the weather! With the light reflecting full on it, it’s not looking itself at all, so I did another little comparison, this time including Midnight Swim.

shellac blue moon from CND Wild Earth compared to other blue colors by fee wallace

To me, Blue Moon is crying out to be adorned with silver. I love this simple look created using the :YOURS Loves Nataliya Namaste Stamping Plate, and Creative Play Polish My Act to stamp with.

shellac CND Blue Moon stamping nail art by fee wallace

And how could we NOT get the glitter out? Seriously, this kind of depth of colour works so so well as a base for semi-sheer glitter that changes depending on the background. Lecenté Iridescent Glitters are PERFECT!

different lecente glitters over shellac blue moon by fee wallace



Such a pretty warm, creamy plum.  Well, I guess it’s not ‘plum’ in the obvious sense.. but if you mashed some poached plums up in a bowl with thick double cream (I live in a part of the world where plums grow really well incidentally – The Fruit Basket of Scotland)  We have nothing even close to this colour in our existing collection, I’m so happy to have it, and I know just the clients who will want to wear it.

cnd shellac vinylux dreamcatcher color purple nails by fee wallace

To decorate this colour I was torn between something regal looking, or something a bit witchy… I went for witchy! Below is Dreamcatcher with stamping nail art using the :YOURS Loves Fee Models of Magic stamping plate, then Lecenté foil was applied (which only sticks to the background as the polish used to stamp on is dry). The look was finished with Shellac Matte Top Coat.

shellac dreamcatcher nail art stamping foil matte top coat

Of the six colours, Dreamcatcher was my favourite to cover in glitter. As ever, the pictures do not do them justice! Everything I tried just looked fabulous!!

shellac dreamcatcher color with lecente glitter by fee wallace



Now, this is essential.  Arrowhead might not seem like the most exciting new colour on first glance, but seriously, we have been missing a proper deep, creme/non-shimmer chocolate brown. It reminds me of an old classic CND colour, Midnight Express – you’ve been around in the industry a while if you remember that one. I actually found a bottle of that on an auction site… must have gone out of production around 15 years ago!  When applying Arrowhead, on the first layer, it’s obvious how warm a brown this is.  It almost looks as if it has the slightest hint of pink in there, as if someone tipped a slug of raspberry sauce into the chocolate mixture while it was cooking.

cnd shellac vinylux arrowhead nail color brown by fee wallace

When considering how to adorn this colour, my first thought was that it had to warm and luscious.  I also thought about the kind of client likely to choose a colour like Arrowhead, and concluded that a simple gold pattern with fine lines would be perfect. The plate I used was the :YOURS Loves Fee Fineline Landscapes Plate with Creative Play Lets Go Antiquing.

CND Shellac Arrowhead nail art stamping :YOURS by fee wallace

With the deep warm background of Arrowhead, many iridescent glitters take on a golden tone, and it’s absolutly beautiful.

lecenté glitter over cnd shellac arrowhead from wild earth collection by fee wallace



Spear is an unusual colour!  An earthy, clay mud, tarnished peach kinda number.  It’s going to look absolutly perfect on the right skin tone and be especially gorgeous on toes I think, as we head into the tail end of summer sandal season.  I especially love Spear with a matte finish.

CND Spear shellac vinylux orange coral nail color by fee wallace

In terms of how to decorate this one, I was a little stumped at first.  I guess when I picture the kind of clients who would choose this colour, it’s probably not the ones who readily go for nail art. Something subtle and clean is definitely in order. So it started clean… but I had to scruff it up with a a bit of texture. The deconstructed looking gold foil really enhances this stamped on design – I love it! I used the :YOURS Loves Fee Artful Aperture Plate and Lecenté Bright Gold Foil.

CND Shellac Spear with stamping nail art :Yours lecente foil by fee wallace

Glitter wise I couldn’t help but delve into the warm palette, but I’m keen to experiment with some of the cooler glitters next for a sharp contrast!

lecente glitters over CND Shellac Spear from wild earth collection by fee wallace


Hello Element!  You can not argue with another hot, gorgeous red. We all have clients who wear nothing but red, they NEED to be catered for in new collections. I mean seriously, you can’t let them go between Wildfire and Tartan Punk all their lives… I put Element of just such a client and she absolutly fell for it. The thing to remember, is that for a career red wearer, the tiniest change in tone or texture is easily perceptible, for them, a new red might as well be a completely different colour, it IS in their eyes.  Of course we already have many reds in our collection, but when we consider that red is THE most classic nail colour of all time, worn more consistently than almost every other colour put together, it’s obvious why we need so many hot red options.

CND Element shellac vinylux red nail color by fee wallace

Went for utter simplicity on the nail art front this time. I love this bold leaf pattern from the :YOURS Loves Fee Fineline Landscapes Plate. If you have a client who likes a pointy aesthetic, but needs softer, square shaped nails for practical reasons, nail art like this can give them the illusion of an acute taper on a solid, workable base.

Shellac CND Element color with stamping nail art black and red nails by Fee Wallace

As for glitter, I had a lot of fun with this colour! I thought it was particularly cool the way Lecenté Ocean Iridescent turned out over Element.  Might be my own next nail look….

cnd shellac color element with lecente glitter by fee wallace



Ooooh, what an odd little colour Brimstone is.  I find it quite captivating.  Definitely unusual.  Is it yellow? Um, not exactly. When I first saw it I thought, aw naw, is it going to be really similar to Vagabond?  But it’s just not, it’s so much more muted than that.  Brimstone is like Vagabond and Cityscape had a baby.  Seeing as Cityscape is my favourite colour of all time, and Vagabond was my big surprise hit from the CND™ BOHO SPIRIT Collection, that’s just fine by me!

CND shellac brimstone vinylux nail color wild earth by fee wallace

I thought Brimstone was crying out of Lecenté Neons, but first, I went for a classic combo. White lace stamped on to the cured Shellac colour layer, followed by glitter then finished with Shellac Top Coat. The plate is the :YOURS Loves Fee Models of Magic Plate, though it would also work great using the Vintage Lace Plate. I used one of my favourite newer Lecenté Glitters, Golden White Micro Iridescent, couldn’t be more perfect for the ‘stamp first THEN apply glitter’ technique. Using that method we cut out 3 steps of the process and end up with a much sleeker nail in the end. Check out the video tutorial for it here: Stamp FIRST, then apply glitter!

CND Shellac Brimstone bridal nails with stamping nail art and lecente glitter by fee wallace

Elegance and understated simplicity is one thing, but I’m looking for something a bit more loud and in your face. Check out my PRIDE nails! Brimstone really lends itself to the contrast of tropical bird feather neon against a muted khaki beige backdrop. For this look I stamped using the Artful Aperture Plate once again, and decorated with 3 of the Lecenté Neon Effect Powders.

CND Shellac Brimstone with Neon nail art and stamping by fee wallace pride nails

As Brimstone is such a light creamy colour, it takes on the pretty tones of all the girly Lecenté Iridescent Glitters. So pretty!

CND Shellac Brimstone color with lecente glitter by fee wallace


Thanks for checking out the blog! hope you found it helpful. Let me know what you think here in the comments or over on social! Hope you and your clients enjoy this new collection.

Fee xx


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  1. Hi Fee I love Blue Moon and Dreamcatcher, which colours are they close to in the Luxe range in your opinion? Thanks


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