CND™ BOHO SPIRIT Collection – Shellac™ & Vinylux™

Fee Wallace Nails Blog Boho Spirit CND Collection banner image shellac and vinylux colors

‘Boho’ is an evolution of the word ‘Bohemian’. Someone with a bohemian style is said to be unconventional and arty in terms of their fashion preference. Worth knowing: ‘Bohemian’ also refers to someone from Bohemia, which is an historic region of the modern day Czech Republic. ‘BOHO’ in the context of fashion, refers to the new wave version of hippy glamour; beads, cheese-cloth, henna, wavy curls, head-scarfs, all that jazz. It’s such a great look for summer. And speaking as someone who has been labeled ‘a bit more ‘hippy’ than ‘hipster’, it’s got my name written all over it!


The first colour to be revealed is the prettiest of pretty peaches. Could this colour be classed as a nude? It’s a little too orange to be a nude by my reckoning, though it would not be out of place in amongst our CND NUDE pallet, especially with a name starting with UN…

Uninhibited Shellac and Vinylux by Fee Wallace from CND BOHO SPIRIT Collection

I find Uninhibited to be quite luminous, it’s vibrant, very warm and very much on trend for summer. The Shellac incarnation (pictured above on the smaller index finger) is just half a note brighter than the Vinylux. But both apply beautifully. Completely opaque in two layers, and no shimmer whatsoever, totally creme.

Fee Wallace comparison of Shellac Uninhibited from CND BOHO SPIRIT Collection

In terms of similarity to other colours from the existing rage, you’ll see it’s in the same region as Salmon Run, or Shells in the Sand from the Rhythm & Heat Collection. Personally speaking, I prefer Uninhibited. It’s just got a bit more bite, it’s a sharper tone. Salmon Run is more pastel, Shells in the Sand is more obviously orange.

Uninhibited Shellac and Vinylux from the CND BOHO SPIRIT Collection by Fee Wallace

For a nail art style I decided to go for stamping with a little added hand painted detail. Unfortunately I’ve been stuck in the snow today up here in deepest darkest South Lanarkshire/West Lothian (i.e, the middle of nowhere in central Scotland), and have not been able to make it into the studio to get the shots I was planning on. But a thaw is on the cards, and tomorrow is going to be all about BOHO SPIRIT Nail Art for me! I did make it out, but it was pretty treacherous! I had to help push some cars that were skidding, and there was a tree down in the road!


Oh my! This guy! He’s a sandy blonde bombshell! Honestly folks, I was NOT expecting to love this colour. I was preparing myself for the ‘oh well, you know, it will appeal to the right client and look fine on the right skin tone..’ type of chat. But seriously, Vagabond is actually gorgeous. It’s very different. Sandy-blonde, mustard-maize, barley-sunrise.

Vagabond Shellac and Vinylux CND BOHO SPIRIT collection by Fee wallace

I don’t even want to call it a ‘yellow’. That makes me think of canaries and baby chicks, this is something else altogether, and it’s way different from what we have. The Vinylux and Shellac bottles look quite different, but the colour inside is very close to bang on exact. If anything, once on the nail the Shellac incarnation is half a step warmer than the Vinylux.

shellac vagabond color comparison cnd boho spirit by fee wallace

We are going to see this colour A LOT in the shops coming into summer. It’s going to be absolutly everywhere, so expect your fast-fashion loving clients to be unexpectedly requesting it. It’s happened to me before, when (what is in my opinion) a ‘wtf colour’ comes along and I’m like, ermmmm… then suddenly we move into the season and every handbag, blouse, phone cover, etc is that colour and clients are clamouring for it.

cnd vagabond from boho spirit the collection shellac and vinylux by fee wallace


Stunning, sumptuous, sensuous, a new red!! We can ALWAYS be doing with a new red. Pairing a client with the perfect red for them, the one that matches their mental picture of classic perfection, can be a tough job! Early in my career I had a client come in to our salon asking for a classic red, after I showed here the 14 reds we carried, she said disappointedly, ‘hmm, don’t you have a more RED red?’

Offbeat CND Shellac and Vinylux from BOHO SPIRIT Collection by Fee Wallace

Offbeat is what I would call, an earthy red. It looks like a red that could be found in nature. In a sunset, in the clay of a dessert plain, or the plumage of an exotic bird.

Offbeat CND Shellac color comparison to other reds by Fee Wallace

Photographing reds so that they look true to life is something I have consistently found to be very challenging! I chose Lobster Roll and Hollywood because they are close in colour to Offbeat, but also because Lobster Roll is very warm with a more orange tone, while Tartan Punk has almost a silver shimmer making it what I deem to be a ‘cool’ red.

offbeat shellac and vinylux cnd boho spirit by fee wallace



Oh my days! THIS is the colour of the year for me!! This orange is so HOT!

Gypsy Shellac and Vinylux from CND BOHO SPIRIT COLLECTION by fee wallace

There is nothing even close to this colour in the existing range, and it applies like a dream in both Shellac and Vinylux. I am so excited to adorn it in gold foil!

Gypsy Shellac color comparison by Fee Wallace

Gypsy is a babe of a colour, I’m totally hooked. I honestly don’t even have much I can say about it… just look at it!

Shellac and Vinylux color Gypsy CND BOHO SPIRIT collection by fee wallace

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Where to buy?

The BOHO SPIRIT Collection in Shellac & Vinylux will be available in the UK & Ireland from Sweet Squared in May.

To find an official CND™ distributer in your country, check out’s distributor locator.


4 thoughts on “CND™ BOHO SPIRIT Collection – Shellac™ & Vinylux™

  1. Thanks for this review. I just do not have words to explain you how much I enjoyed it. I really like bright colours, especially in the spring/summer time. I just ordered some more Essie Gel nail polishes here: Cannot wait to get them and try new colours. I ordered SPLASH OF GRENADINE and WHERE IS MY CHAUFFEUR?. I will let you know what are my thoughts about this brand.


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