A Few of My Favourite Nail Artists from Instagram

shellac and lecente neon nail art with stamping by Fee wallace for instagram blog

Instagram is still my favourite platform for inspirational nail pics when you need them thick and fast. I’m even trying to do my IG scrolling mindfully. I’ve attempted to stop just flicking through at the train station or, em, in the bathroom, and instead I’m giving myself the time to sit down with a cup of tea and give these amazing nail images and artists the attention they deserve, and give myself the proper chance to absorb what’s going on in the images. I sit down with a note pad and pen to take down ideas, relevant hashtags, and the names of nail artists I’m particularly keen to follow up on. I know it’s meant to be all digital and paperless, but the act of putting pen to paper kinda makes the whole thing feel more meaningful. And I think that it is meaningful.

There are a few artists that have consistently stuck out to me over the past while. These Nail Pros don’t necessarily use the same brands as I do, and I don’t know most of them in person, but their pictures and beautiful work have captured my imagination. If I find myself imagining what the artist looks like, what their salon and table set up must be like, what kind of look and personalities their clients must have, then I know there is more than just a quick snap for the sake of it going on. When you know who’s picture it is by the style of the images without reading the name, that’s a good sign too!

I started my Instagram account in July 2015, and at that point I thought I was late to the party! These days I think it’s getting better and easier to use so if you’ve been putting off starting an IG for your nail work, get on it!

Here’s my list!

There are so many artists who could have been in this blog, this is just a small selection x

A nail artist who’s work I’ve been enjoying for a while now is skullennaildesigns. You’ll see from Nicole’s bio that she is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, and hand paints all of her nail art. I can always tell by the style of the photo that’s it’s one of her’s, and I’ve definitely been inspired by the beautiful and alternative nail art she creates. Great work Nicole! Here are a few of my faves..


Another nail artist I love to follow is thepolishedpinky. Torie has worked at New York fashion week for CND and created some of the nail designs CND have used as lead art looks to compliment new collections, notably, the CND™ New Wave Collection from last year. But it’s the designs she does for her regular clients that I love to see most, and I really dig the fun techniques with photography we often see in her pictures. Amazing work Torie!

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Rainbow swipes for @rainbowsoul8 #thepolishedpinky

A post shared by Torie Bastian (@thepolishedpinky) on

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A post shared by Torie Bastian (@thepolishedpinky) on


Next up is a nail artist from the Aberdeen area of Scotland. Many years ago I taught this talented lady, and I’m so delighted to see some of the incredible design ideas she comes up with. Kirsty now also teaches CND classes at her Aberdeen Academy.  Give it up for Polished by Kirsty I love your photos, keep rocking it!


Jenna Jupin is a fantasy nail art champion from Denmark, and her Instagram is crammed with super cool, high quality nail design. You’ll see that some of Jenna’s work is quite extreme art, and although those looks might not be for everyday clients, the techniques and inspiration behind them can be translated into something wearable that even your more reserved clients could be rocking! At New Year time Jenna posted pictures of the cutest little hand painted champagne glasses, I was desperate to try this look as soon as I saw it and loads of my clients got to wear it. Thanks for the inspiration Jenna!

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Rose Gold French nails @nailsmagazine

A post shared by JENNAILS (@jennails.dk) on


Sohotrightnail is based in LA and you have to see this work to believe it! The creativity, the execution, I just love every picture! So many designs that are right up my street. Adorable, wacky, alternative, sweet – this nail artist does it all.

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Bold lines for @_katiek_ 💅🏻🎨◼️😘

A post shared by Bel Fountain (@sohotrightnail) on

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Reverse chevs for @artimis___ 💅🏻💿✔️😘

A post shared by Bel Fountain (@sohotrightnail) on


Another nail artist on my list who I know in person, Sarah Poulten, also from the UK. I love Sarah’s style of photography, and the majority of her work is on shorter natural nails, so the design and colour choices really stand alone with clean precision. Great inspiration for simple, solid nail design ideas.


Dieuwertje Timmer from the Netherlands goes by Dee on Instagram. You’ll find a huge collection of outstandingly beautiful nail designs and very pro photography on Dee’s page. She is one of the owners of :YOURS, so expect lots of intensely cool nail art stamping designs amongst her work.

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Mannequin Mania! #yourslovesmariannewman

A post shared by This is Dee – Nailartist (@thisisdeetimmer) on


This is the first time I’ve done this kind of blog post, sharing work of other nail artists and curating some styles I love and that inspire me. If you like this kind of post please let me know in the comments or over on Facebook.

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