CND™ New Wave Collection – SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™

Shellac New Wave Collection on Fee Wallace Blog

New Year, new collection! Woo-hoo! I have been extremely excited about this collection and a couple of colours in particular have got my full attention. This rage of 6 colours is bold and fabulous. ALL six of them apply like a dream and I am champing at the bit for festive season to be over and my clients to all be ready for something different as an antidote to those never ending Festive Nail Styles…

Lets kick off with some Ecstasy. ‘Wow, what kind of party have you brought me to?!’ I hear you ask. Well, this hot pink to eclipse all hot pinks is outrageously intense, so you’d better prepare yourself.

It’s a little darker and more mysterious than the bottle wrap suggests. Contrary to my first thought, it looks nothing like Tutti Frutti, which appears almost dusky by comparison. There is a hot neon pearl undertone running through it which grabs you as it moves in the light. Ecstasy is loud and obnoxious in the coolest way.

CND shellac color ecstasy compared to other shellac colours pinks

For me this is the big surprise hit of the collection, even I was expecting something samey, but CND™ have knocked it out the park with this incredible colour. This is a pink I would actually wear, and that’s saying something. I’m really looking forward to experimenting with some of the Lecenté Iridescent Glitters over this colour, I reckon Liberty Iridescent over Ecstasy will be off the charts!

CND shellac ecstasy with lecente treacle multi-gluts glitter
Shellac™ Ecstasy from the CND™ New Wave Collection with Lecenté Glitter Treacle Multi-Glitz. Finished with Original Shellac Top Coat.


Now for Banana Clips. This is a banging yellow that defeats our other yellows in the catagories of vibrancy, warmth, opacity and boldness.


I’ve been trying to work out what banana clips actually are, and I think we must be talking hair clips… right? I would totally wear hair clips this colour. The Shellac incarnation of Banana Clips in pretty much a one coat wonder in terms of opacity, which is great news if we are using it as a base colour for embellishments and art.


A bold yellow is an essential element in our colour collections, not because it will be one of the most popular choices for most of your clients but because for those odd clients who do wear it, they can expect compliments everywhere they go and everyone will ask where they had them done. Trust me, when a client chooses this colour you better send them away with a stack of business cards. I am also excited to try this colour as a base for chromes and I’m already loving it with a bit of stamping.

Shellac™ Banana Clips with stamping nail art using the Yours Loves Fee stamping plate ‘Angular Fade’ and Creative Play colour ‘Polish My Act’ finished with Shellac Duraforce Top Coat

Pink Leggings is a stunning dark pink gloss. Like the richest lip stain layered with clear, wet look lip gloss, it’s a semi-sheer but super strong colour.

This colour didn’t come out the way I was expecting just from the bottle wrap, which I’m happy about! I was perhaps expecting a kinda samey-same Pink Bikini cream kinda colour… and I’m delighted to have this super rich, dark pink gloss instead. If we’re looking for the most similar colour in the range I’d say it’s Rose Brocade, but in real life it’s very much pinker than that.

colour comparison shellac pink leggings from the CND new wave collection pictured by fee wallace

Two coats will give you beautiful coverage, but like Decadence, Brick Knit or Rose Brocade, it is see through in one coat while still being even and not streaky… in other words, it’s perfect for a foil sandwich or to apply directly over a layer of Lecente Rainbow Chrome Powder for a sexy metallic pink.

pink leggings shellac foil sandwich with license foil by fee wallace
Foil Sandwich with Lecenté Antique Foil applied between two layers of Shellac™ Pink Leggings, finished with XPRESS5™ Top Coat


Here is my own favourite from the New Wave collection, Video Violet. My goodness, this purple, this creamy, opaque purple… it’s a one coat wonder, it’s completely cream and non-shimmery, it looks amazing shiney or matte… I can not get enough of it.

I had a lipstick (or 5) this colour in the 90s that I wore with black lip liner (to high school). I think Video Violet is a very good all round colour, it’s going to be popular with everyone from moody young girls to sweet old ladies. Well ok, not every sweet old lady, but I can certainly think of a few…

colour comparison of shellac video violet from the CND new wave collection, compared to other Shellac colours in the range, pictured by fee wallace
Video Violet will be a great base colour for layering too; one layer of Video Violet + one layer of Hot Chillis will give a surprising result! Also try it with Lost Labyrinth, Grapefruit Sparkle, Blushing Topaz, Pink Leggings or Tango Passion.

Shellac™ Video Violet with stamping nail art using the :YOURS Loves Fee stamping plate Angular Fade and CND Creative Play in Pink Flamingo. Extra detail painted with Creative Play Black + Forth and the Lecenté S1 Brush.

Jelly Bracelet is a surprise hit for me! It 10 times more interesting than I thought it would be.

To me, this colour is cartoon like. It kinda busts forth. Texture wise, if I was going to compare it to another Shellac colour I’d go for Lost Labyrinth. It’s semi-sheer on the first coat but totally opaque on the second, so we have the option of layering with it, using for a foil sandwich or over chrome, or wearing just as is.

shellac color jelly bracelet from the CND new wave collection compared to other shellac colours, pictured by fee wallace

I just had to stamp over it with something to bring out the playful cartoonishness this colour conjures up.


Oh Blue Eyeshadow, how we have all longed for you! We don’t have another Shellac colour that even comes close, we’ve not even been able to create it with layering or Additives.

Vinylux Date Night and Creative Play Royalista have been getting us through, but to finally have this perfect primary blue shade in Shellac is cause for celebration.


Colour like this guy just have to be mattified. They are cool looking super glosses too, no doubt about that, but a quick smooth over with the green side of a CND Glossing Buffer and we get this awesome velvet-matte that I can not get enough of.

I’d love to hear your thoughts here in the comments or over on Facebook. If you like the kind of pictures you find in this blog you can find more over on Instagram. Thanks for checking out the blog!


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