CND Painted Love Collection – CND Shellac & Vinylux – Color Comparison Swatches

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CND’s Painted Love Collection was launched in the US as a Holiday collection for 2022. Here in the UK The Painted Love Collection is being promoted for Valentines. The nail shades and even the names of the colours are perfect for the most romantic manicure and pedicure of the year!

I love creating colour comparison pictures for new CND collections! When we see images of new colours it’s easy to write them off as ‘just being the same’ as other shades we already have in the range. Not until we can see them physically side by side, do we know what we are really dealing with.

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CND Shellac Colour Comparisons – CND Painted Love Collection

For CND Shellac Happy Go Lucky, we decided to compare pinks from the range that also have a delicate metallic shimmer. I think Happy Go Lucky is one of these very neutral pinks that looks great on everyone, from your wee 89 year old client who comes religiously for her regular manicure, to your corporate fashionistas, and the youth who want a fun pink shade that’s ‘not too girly’…

CND Shellac shade HAPPY GO LUCKY compared to other colors in the range.

Next, we compared CND Shellac Cuddle Up, a lovely creamy nude, perfect for spring. As we come into this new season, we will see much more natural looking nails with minimal nail art details. This shade is the perfect base. CND Shellac has an awesome range of nudes already, Cuddle up fits nicely in the middle, not too pink, not too yellow.. we really needed this one!

CND Shellac CUDDLE UP compared to other similar shades in the range.

CND Shellac Love Fizz is a bold, gently glittering red, so sexy and classic. For the comparison, we chose other glittering reds, as well as cream reds of a similar depth. Reds are notoriously difficult to photograph accurately, but I was so happy with how this picture came out! Super accurate and true to life.

CND Shellac LOVE FIZZ alongside other sparkling Shellac reds.

CND Shellac Feel the Flutter is a stunningly dramatic deep plum. For those clients who only wear classic dark colours, this is a perfect addition to the range, and it’s been my most used from this collection so far. To compare, we chose some of the all time favourite glossy darks, and as you can see, it stands out on its own, while still giving those clients who choose any colour as long as its dark, exactly what they want.

CND Shellac swatch comparisons for new shade FEEL THE FLUTTER

Our second pink, CND Shellac In Lust is the most requested shade for a comparison. Just looking at the bottle it is hard to tell how different it will be from the other bold, creame pinks in the range. You will see that In Lust is less violet/blue than Hot Pop Pink, and lighter, with more white in it, when compared to Pink Bikini.

CND Shellac In Lust, a new pink shade, compared to other pinks in the range.

Last up is CND Shellac Steel Kisses, a wonderful metallic silver, has just a touch of bronze in it, to make the tone a little less cool and more neutral. I think this is exactly what we needed. Mercurial and Safety Pin are two of my favourite colours of all time, and Steel Kisses is a variation on the theme. I can’t wait to soften it with CND Shellac Matte Top Coat and cover it with geometric stamping designs. We will be doing this step by step in next week’s Tune in Tuesday show for sure!

CND Shellac shade Steel Kisses compared to other silvers already in the range.

Thank you so much for checking out the blog! I hope you have found the info here helpful and interesting!

If you are reading this after our LIVE show has taken place, please check out Academy2 LIVE to find the next Tune in Tuesday show we have lined up. FIND THEM HERE

BIG THANKS to CND Education Mentor Sarah Marr for your help creating these colour comparisons.

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