Bang It Out with Fee Wallace at Nail Safari 2021

Fee Wallace blog on products used in Bang It Out at Nail Safari

This blog post is here to support a class I have the huge pleasure of facilitating at Nail Safari this year!

You will find a product list with links to buy for everything I used in my demonstrations, and mentioned on the day.

Thank you to the wonderful Nail Rangers for taking part, I hope you enjoyed it and find this info useful.

In Tuesday’s 3 hour class we looked at examples of 9 different looks; 3 techniques, 3 looks for each.
Here you will find pictures of the 9 designs with a product list for each with links for where to buy.

Technique #1 – Stamp FIRST, then…

Stamp FIRST, then apply FOIL

CND Shellac Silk Slip Dress

:YOURS Stamping Plate – Blooming Four

:YOURS Stamping Polish – White Light

Lecenté Foils: Pink Lace, Lime Green & Turquoise
Lime Foil
Turquoise Foil/
Pink Lace Foil


Stamp FIRST, then apply CHROME

Lecenté Create Gel Polish – Bakerloo

Lecenté Layer It

:YOURS Stamping Plate – Queen of Hearts

:Yours Stamping Polish – Pink Rose

Lecenté Rainbow Powder – Rose Gold

Stamp FIRST, then apply Flakes

CND Shellac B-Day Candle

:YOURS Stamping Polish Black Out

:YOURS Stamping Plate – Design Medley

Lecenté Flakes – Lavender Love

Technique #2 – Pigment Powder Ombré

Two Pigment Ombré with Foil

CND Shellac Mercurial

Lecenté Foil – Silver Waves

:YOURS Colour Effect Element – Green Peacock

:YOURS Pearl Effect Element – Green Pearl

Lecenté P1 Brush for applying pigment powders


Two Pigment Powder Ombré with Stamping

CND ShellacDown By the Bar

:YOURS Stamping Plate – Fine Marble

:YOURS Bronze Heart Colour Effect Element

Lecenté Oracle Glimente

Lecenté P1 Brush for applying pigment powders

Two Pigment Powder Ombré with No Wipe Top Coat embellishment

CND Shellac – Phantom

Light Elegance Top Gloss – No Wipe Gel Top Coat

Light Elegance Stripy – Nail Art Striper Brush

Lecenté Spring Green Nail Shadow

Lecenté Orbit Stardust

Lecenté P1 Brush for applying pigment powders

Technique #3 – Don’t Add, Take Away

Carve through uncured gel polish to the glitter underneath

CND Shellac – Uncovered

Lecenté Golden White Multi-Glitz Glitter

Lecenté G1 Glitter Application Brush

CND PLEXIGEL Protector Top Coat

CND Shellac Drama Queen

Lecenté A1 Angle Brush

Medium Dotting Tool

Cuff Nail with Foil and Gel Polish

CND Shellac – Silk Slip Dress

Lecenté Bright Gold Foil

CND Shellac How Merlot


Carve through to neon gel polish underneath

Lecenté Create White Magic Gel Polish

Lecenté Create Carried a Watermelon

Lecenté Create Who You Gonna Call

Lecenté Create Phone Home

Lecenté Create SOHO

Light Elegance Block Nail Art Brush to carve through, revealing the cured design beneath.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

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