CND™ NIGHTSPELL Collection – Shellac™ & Vinylux™

CND nightspell colour collection shellac and vinylux

This 6 colour collection from CND™ is outstanding. I'm going to let the colours do the talking in this blog. Herein will be lots of close ups of the Shellac and Vinylux incarnations of these sumptuous colours and nail design step by steps for looks I created integrating various nail art mediums.  If you are … Continue reading CND™ NIGHTSPELL Collection – Shellac™ & Vinylux™


:YOURS Loves Fee Stamping Plates – Summer Days Collection

Yours Loves Fee Stamping plates designed by Fee Wallace

Yours Cosmetics have really spoiled us with the new collection of EIGHT stamping plates for summer 2017! This time around I got the opportunity to design three of the plates in this collection. I love how the three designers have created plates that are really quite different from each other and fully honouring their own … Continue reading :YOURS Loves Fee Stamping Plates – Summer Days Collection

Lecenté Chrome – The Second Collection

It's been months since Lecenté brought us their first Chrome Collection, Lecenté enthusiasts all over the world have been creating some of the most beautiful nails I have ever seen with these gorgeous products. I personally created several of the nail shots that were used showcase that first collection at launch, it was a proud … Continue reading Lecenté Chrome – The Second Collection

CND™ Rhythm & Heat Collection – SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™

Hooray, OMG, wow, this collection has come around fast. SUMMER 2017 - those words excite me sitting here on a dark winter's morning. Just having these colours sitting by me at my desk the last few days has brightened my mood and put me in a mischievous notion. We have some hot corals and reds, … Continue reading CND™ Rhythm & Heat Collection – SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™

CND™ New Wave Collection – SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™

Shellac New Wave Collection on Fee Wallace Blog

New Year, new collection! Woo-hoo! I have been extremely excited about this collection and a couple of colours in particular have got my full attention. This rage of 6 colours is bold and fabulous. ALL six of them apply like a dream and I am champing at the bit for festive season to be over … Continue reading CND™ New Wave Collection – SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™

Yours Loves Fee Stamping Plates – Urban Collection

yours loves fee stamping plates designed by fee wallace

The second set of stamping plates I have designed on behalf of Yours Cosmetics are on sale from today! This set is my favourite yet, I'm waking up every morning and the first thing on my mind is what looks and colour combinations can I try out today?! Seriously, you think I'm joking? This is … Continue reading Yours Loves Fee Stamping Plates – Urban Collection

CND™ Starstruck Collection

cnd shellac and vinylux starstruck collection

From today I'm allowed to share close ups and comparison shots of one colour per day from CND's next new colour collection!! This whole collection is all about glitter. Each one of the colours is heavily glittery. Think Butterfly Queen or Glacial Mist. I can't wait! Today's colour is Alluring Amethyst. This SHELLAC™ shade is … Continue reading CND™ Starstruck Collection