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New collection, new blog! Exciting times. Nail Professionals have been asking for these true, crème, not-one-bit-of-shimmer nudes for so long. And this will be the perfect time of year for them to land, just as we are all completely sick of Xmas themes and colours.


CND NUDE collection shellac colors with stamping nail art and matte top coat by fee wallace

This collection launches at the start of January, but I’ve had the great privilege of testing them out and photographing the results pre-launch. I’ll be broadcasting a Facebook LIVE on the Thursday the 4th of January at 4pm and it’ll be all about this collection.


Our fist colour is available in both Shellac and Vinylux and it’s the most ‘pink’ of our 4 new nudes.

CND Shellac and Vinylux color Uncovered from the CND NUDE Collection by Fee Wallace

The label states Uncovered is semi-sheer, but I think that two layers of Shellac (as pictured above on the index finger) is pretty mush completely opaque, which is great! On the Vinylux nail, I did 3 layers, as 2 was a little more sheer than I wanted for the comparison.

Shellac color Uncovered compared to other nude shades by Fee Wallace

You’ll see that Uncovered’s closest relative from the exiting range is Cashmere Wrap from the recent CND™ Glacial Allusion Collection. But although they are close, exact in creme texture, the warmth of the shades is different. Cashmere Wrap is more cool and stone toned, while Uncovered has a hint of peach/apricot, giving it a warmer rosy glow in comparison.


This beautiful stone-toned nude is cool like silky polished granite. It’s almost my favourite of the four.. When I first laid eyes on it I thought of Field Fox as being it’s closest relative, which is great, as that’s been quite a lonely colour in terms of it’s place in the palette.

shellac and vinylux unmasked from CND NUDE Collection by Fee Wallace

There is the very slightest difference between the Vinylux and Shellac incarnations, with the Shellac version being half a note cooler. I am utterly desperate to use Unmasked as a base for nail art, it’s so crisp and opaque, it will make for the perfect canvas. I also feel that the consistency of the Vinylux will be so good for hand painting. I found both versions to be more or less opaque with the first layer, allow there are two layers of each, with their respective Top Coats, in the picture.

Unmasked CND Shellac Nude comparison swatch colour pops by Fee Wallace

As you can see, Unmasked is a good bit lighter and a hint more sandy than Field Fox. In it’s own it can almost look a bit grey, but when compared to the true dove grey of Cityscape, we can see it’s a great deal warmer. Warmer yes, but yellow? No. Here it is compared to Powder My Nose (which is a yellow/beige/semi-sheer pink, ideal for french on yellower skin-tones).

Unmasked shellac with Powder my nose, compared in artificial light



Now THIS is the colour we have all been waiting for! It’s guaranteed to be the favourite of the four for many of us, and I absolutly love it. It’s another stone-toned nude, but in the realms of taupe.

Shellac Unearthed with other colors comparison by Fee Wallace, CND NUDE collectionshellac and Vinylux Unearthed from CND NUDE Collection by Fee Wallace

The initial pictures of Unearthed put it somewhere between Field Fox and Rubble, but I have found it to be much lighter than Rubble, though still in the same palette family. Alone it might seem more grey, but compared to Cityscape and the more recent Mystic Slate, we can see it’s a good deal warmer, though not a million miles away. Personally, I think it’s the ultimate colour I need in my life right now. My favourite colour has been Cityscape for a long time, but this hits just the right note between Rubble, Field Fox and Cityscape, a beautiful balance of all three.



The final colour from our collection of four, Unlocked is a literally a stone cold stunner. I realise I’ve used the term ‘stone-toned’ already about 12 times in this blog, but THIS colour is the one that deserves this title most! Well, I guess it depends on the stone.. are we talking cracky rock face in Iceland or smooth pebbles on the beach in Greece? Anyway, the point is, this colour is gorgeous. Solid creme opaque, not a hint of shimmer. I have found amazing coverage even in one layer. I want to plaster this with neons and also understated delicate lace stamping designs.

unlocked shellac and vinylux from cnd nude collection by fee wallace

Unlocked makes me think of the palest pink granite, buffed to an unbelievable shine. We really have nothing whatsoever in the existing rage that’s like this. It’s tricky photographing nail colours true to life, colours can look completely different depending on the light and background. Because of this I’ve included a few versions of the comparisons I tried out for this final colour.

shellac color comparison unlocked nude collection CND by Fee Wallace

shellac unlocked color comparison swatches by fee wallace

unlocked shellac unearthed nude cnd color comparison swatches by fee wallace

For the latest CND™ Colour Collection, hit the link! CND™ BOHO SPIRIT Collection – Shellac™ & Vinylux™

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    1. Hi Stella, thank you! I got the plastic pops from Sweet Squared in the UK, though I know they are available from various sources around the world. The lettering isn’t really on there, I just add it on my computer for the photographs 😉


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