CND™ NUDE Collection – Facebook LIVE & Nail Designs

cnd nude collection facebook live blog banner by fee wallace

We are waiting with bated breath for the CND™ NUDE Collection to arrive in our laps here in the UK & Ireland. I was fortunate to get samples of the colours ahead of time so I could create colour comparison swatches and and try out some nail art styles ahead of launch.

I already did a blog with TONS of pictures comparing the colours to existing colours from the CND Shellac range, as well as showing the comparison between the Shellac and Vinylux versions of these new colours. You can check out that blog here –>  CND™ NUDE Collection – SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™

Last night I jumped onto Sweet Squared’s Facebook Page for a Facebook LIVE showing the new CND NUDE Collection as well as some cute AS nail art designs using the new colours. You can watch it here:


If you enjoyed the video or found it useful, please let me know here in the comments or join in the discussion over on my Facebook.

I’ve had a good laugh coming up with ways to remember the names of the colours – I’ve got it down now!

But now, for some seriously awesome glitter!

cnd shellac nude collection with lecente glitter golden white multi glitz by fee wallace

And here are two of the colours (Unearthed on the thumb, Unmasked on the other), with the classic Lecenté Fireworks Glitter Waterfall.

And you know me, I can’t resist a bit of short nail style using CND Vinylux.

And I had some fun with Lecenté Glimenté Charmed using the gloss on matte technique that has been so popular! I show the gloss on matte technique step by step about 30 minutes into the video in this blog post –> Festive Nail Styles – Get Ready with Me!

Thank you so much for checking out the blog!

Fee xxx

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