The Mistress of All Evil Collection – Light Elegance ButterCreams

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This collection is available from Sweet Squared now!

Last night we took to Facebook LIVE for an 80 minute broadcast introducing this sumptuous new collection. We had a lot of fun , thanks if you were able to tune in! You can go back and watch the video any time by clicking the link above.

swatches of light elegance collection the mistress of all evil buttercreams by fee wallace

Colours break down like this:

  • Poor Unfortunate Soul – darkest of dark reds with an evil heart of bitter raspberry. It’s perfect for clients with a taste for the expensive looking.  Mix or blend this colour with a while based colour to get a crazy bold raspberry pink.
  • Painting the Roses Red – The Queen of Hearts would be all over this colour! It has a luscious lipstick quality to it as you apply it, sliding on like blood coloured cream.
  • Poison Apple – So bold and bright. This isn’t just red, it’s RED!!! Makes a gorgeous pink blended with lighter colours. It right up the top of my list for an ombré.
  • Madam Mim – the most opaque, slightly sparkling purple. This guy is razor sharp. the little sparkles encased in this colour are actually pink, and the combination of that with the depth of colour is totally breathtaking.
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall – heavily metallic, this colour goes in the same row with Show Me Your Chakra and Wink Wink. Super mega shimmery.
  • My Pretty – this is my stand out fav of the collection. It’s the most perfect winter nude I’ve ever used. Reminds me a lot of Shellac Unlocked, and I’m DELIGHTED to have it here in a hard gel form. Perfectly flawless in one layer I have found, it’s such a perfect base for nail designs.

The colours are bright, luscious and superb for the winter season. Three perfect reds is such a luxury, although I have already mixed Poison Apple with Painting the Roses Red to get something perfectly in between the two.

light elegance hard gel nails art design buttercreams by fee wallace

I very much enjoyed using the reds over a base of My Pretty to create this design. Like a misty, fiery, sunset mountain landscape. A little Mirror Mirror on the Wall adds some detail and highlights the shapes in this design.

fee wallace stamping gel nail art design light elegance yours loves

We do this look step by step under camera at 37:00 minutes into the video, if you would like to see it done. 

This look with stamping is one of my favourite nail styles for ages! We began with My Pretty, then added Painting the Roses Red and Madam Mim in sharp feathery strokes coming down from the extension edge of the nail. To that we added LE Black Opal ButterBling, and my goodness does it work well here! The stamping is all done using the :YOURS stamping polish White Light, :YOURS Halo Stamper and the stamping plates Crystalline Mystery and Pop Art Pictorial.

yours loves fee stamping plates designed by fee wallace for stamping nail art

The design below was one of those happy accidents. You know, when you have a plan, and it just goes totally wrong, but you end up with something you love even more in the end?!

Adding in Lecenté Dragonfly Chunky Glitter really gave this design a sweet and sparkly finish. The look was completed with LE Flat Matte Top Coat and it really makes it as far as I’m concerned.

If you want to check out the LIVE you can do so here:


Thank so much for checking out the blog! Would love to know what you think here in the comments or over on Facebook or Insta.

Catch you next time!

Fee x


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