Smoke Nails – Nail Art Technique with CND Shellac and Lecenté

fee wallace blog banner smoke nails with cnd shellac and lecente neon effect poderes

This trend it on fire right now!! There are a ton of great tutorials and step by steps going around, and some amazing pictures. I was asked by a lot of people to do a tutorial for this incredibly cool look using CND Shellac and Lecenté products.

And here it is! Such a simple technique to execute, this tutorial video is only 3 minutes long.


I posted a picture on Instagram this morning and the metaphorical social media phone has been ringing off the hook ever since!

I’ll be on Facebook LIVE on Sweet Squared’s Facebook Page Friday 23rd February at 8pm UK time. I’ll be on for 90 minutes putting the new CND™ Chic Shock Collection through it’s paces live under camera. We are sure to be indulging big style in the cuff nail trend too. Hope you can join us!


My esteemed friend and colleague CND Education Ambassador Jeni Smith, has created a totally banging tutorial video for a simple smoke design without neons. It looks so sexy and sultry. Check it out Jeni’s video below.


Where to Buy

To buy CND™ SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™ in the UK & Ireland visit

For a list of Lecenté distributors world-wide, go here:

Check out CND’s List of international distributors to find a distributor near you.

For :YOURS Stamping plates and stamper wherever in the world you are, here is the list of :YOURS international distributors. If you don’t see your own country on the list you can buy direct from the :YOURS WEBSHOP, who ship worldwide!


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