SHELLAC™ with Lecenté™ Foil – Deconstructed Chrome Design

Fee Wallace short nails shellac with lecente foil

CND™ Education Ambassador Nataliya Al-Ta-ai gave me a beautiful Shellac Manicure last night that’s right up my street! I love to wear my nails short and finding simple nail designs that look fabulous on super short nails is a quest I’m always on.

This design is very quick and easy to create.

Step 1
After performing CND™ PEP, apply and curing SHELLAC™ Base Coat,
or appropriately prepare Nail Enhancements for a Shellac Colour Coat.

Step 2
Apply and cure 2 layers of SHELLAC™ Field Fox in the CND LED Lamp using the 2S button.

Lecenté foil application by fee wallaceStep 3
Using Lecenté Foils Lime and Turquoise, fold the piece of foil back on it’s self giving you a long, thin surface area. Press the foil on (matte side down) to the sticky top film of the cured SHELLAC™ Colour Layer. The foil will adhere in rough, deconstructed vertical lines. Keep pressing foil on to the nail till you are happy with the amount of coverage you have.

Step 4
Go straight to SHELLAC™ Top Coat Application and cure in the CND™ LED Lamp using the 3 button. I love the results with XPRESS5™ Top Coat; it’s thin and sleek, super shiny and provides easy 5 minute removal when it comes time for a Re-Shellac.

Visit for the most detailed step by steps for all CND systems and procedures.

I’d love to know what you think of this look and how you get on if you try it out. Leave me a message here on the comments or get in touch over on Facebook.


2 thoughts on “SHELLAC™ with Lecenté™ Foil – Deconstructed Chrome Design

  1. Well i developing complex about myself is this nail lacquer sort of private the keep mentioning weddings i know i will be married i am intelligent. I know you wont reply to this i like mandala one the midnight blue is my favorite. The pink the fire shellac blue there all awesome.


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