Lecenté™ Glitter Ombré Fade Nail Design with CND™ Shellac Married to the Mauve

nail art and products used for shellac and lecente glitter ombre fade with hand painted nail art by fee wallace

The CND™ Shellac colour Married to the Mauve has been one of the most popular colours of the year! We have had the colour available in CND™ Vinylux for years, and to create the same look in Shellac we had to use a slightly complicated layering technique!

how to create married to the mauve in shellac by layering other shellac colours by fee wallace

Shellac Lush tropics followed by Hot Chilis, followed by an ultra thin layer of Nude Knickers gave us the same colour. But thank goodness, now we have Married to the Mauve straight out the bottle in Shellac! Hoooor-ay!

I have used the new Shellac incarnation of Married to the Mauve loads since it arrived. My favourite design so far is this look combining Lecenté Glitters and a little hand painting.

glitter ombre fade nail art over shellac married to the mauve with lecente glitter and hand painted nail design by fee wallace

Boyfriend-Girlfriend Ombré Nail Design – Step-By-Step Guide

  • After performing PEP to natural nails, apply and cure your Shellac Base Coat followed by two layers of Shellac Married to the Mauve. Alternatively, if you’re decorating nail enhancements, prepare the surface and then apply and cure two layers of Shellac Married to the Mauve.
  • Use a dry Lecenté G1 Brush to apply a small amount of the Lecenté Glitter Lecenté Girlfriend Pink Iridescent , first along the cuticle line, then clean off the brush on a dry towel, then brush up towards the extension edge of the nail. Tip: Try to do only a very few strokes with the brush! The more times you touch the nail the less sticky it becomes which will impede the adhesion of the other glitter in the next step!
  • Clean off the brush again by rubbing on a dry towel, then pick up Lecenté Boyfriend Blue Iridescent and apply to the extension edge of the nail. Now brush down toward the base of the nail and press, press, press to ensure all the gaps get filled and the two colours appear blended together.
  • Next comes a layer of Shellac Clearly Pink, applied thinly and cured.
  • For the hand painted detail use the Lecenté S1 Detailer Brush and Creative Play Black + Forth. Decant a few drops onto a tile or pallet and allow just a few seconds for it to ‘thicken up’ as some of the solvents evaporate. Drag the brush through the decanted polish and paint the curved stripes onto the nail. Tip: I like these lines to be thicker at the sidewalls and come to a point at the centre of the nail, so I draw in the outline like a curved triangle then fill in the space in the middle with more polish.
  • Give the design a few seconds to dry. Tip: If you are painting multiple nails, by the time you finish, the first ones you did will definitely be ready for the next step!
  • To finish, apply the Shellac Top Coat best suited to the needs of your clients nails.


Hope this little step by step was helpful! It’s a super easy design and so very effective. Give it a try with other Shellac Colours and Iridescent Lecenté Glitters!

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Where to Buy

All items used in these three looks are available in the UK & Ireland, just visit http://www.sweetsquared.com

For the list of Lecenté distributors world-wide, go here: http://www.lecente.com/distributors/

Check out http://www.cnd.com for a list of their international distributors.

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