New Nail Tutorial Every Day for a Week – PART 2

Fee Wallace posts a nails video tutorial a day for a week

Welcome to part two of the blog! If you missed part one, you can check it out here:

New Nail Tutorial Video Every Day for a Week!

This blog covers what was posted on Thursday and Friday of the crazy video a day week.

Thursday – Stamping Nail Art with Lecenté Chrome

by Fee Wallace - 4 nail designs with stamping nail art and chrome nail effect over CND Shellac

These chrome styles are so much fun and loaded with possibilities. Adding chrome into your stamping nail art couldn’t be easier. I’ve used the stamp FIRST, THEN apply chrome technique for all of these looks, and it cuts a good 3 steps out of what would otherwise be a long process ending in a bulky nails. Check out this video to see how it’s done. Also in this video, tips to get the best results from the :YOURS Halo Stamper.

If you’d like to know the products and steps used to create the nails in 4 pictures, click the link below. In there you will find a list of everything used, and links for where to buy.

Nail Art Stamping & Chrome – Product Details



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