Designing Short Nails – an art in itself

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Short nail fashion is on the rise! Get involved! Let the fashionistas in your local area know that you do flipping bitchin’ nail art on short nails.

In this blog you will find a gallery of short nail art styles which totally kill it. And you can enjoy a bit of a rant from me about style preference and what that may say about a person.

I hear Nail Pros speaking with dread about super short nails. It can be challenging in several ways! I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend the CND™ Perfect Polishing Class provided though Sweet Squared in the UK & Ireland. It’s a life changer as far as I’m concerned, sharpening up the fundamental polishing skills we all require mastery of, making our nails better and our lives easier. Click on the link for more info and available dates throughout the country.

For years I wore my nails outrageously long. I was 18, had already been doing nails full time for two years and was getting pretty good at it, certainly compared to what else was around at the time. And honestly, with all the exuberance and cockiness of youth, I thought I was the grand high queen of nails. No one I knew wore their nails long like me with nail art on both sides, only the woman in the American nail magazines we got delivered to the salon.

For the past few years, my personal true love in terms of nail fashion has been short nails. I love how they feel, I love how they look. And living so deeply engaged in the professional nail industry, I feel like a rebel with my super short nails, and that always sits well with me.

Often the assumption is that someone with short nails has to have them that way, that they have no choice. “Oh I wish I could have beautiful long nails, but I just can’t.” Either they can’t get used to working with length, or they have a job that doesn’t allow it, or their nails ‘just don’t grow’, or they are just not very feminine or some other BS crap like that which makes my blood boil.

To set the record straight I’m here to say that on me, super short nails are a choice, they are my preference. I am friendly with some of the greatest nail enhancement artists in the country if not the world, I could have the most amazing long nails anyone could ever dream of. But I choose super short because it’s cool, it’s subversive and I love to be different.

Why am I ranting at you about this? Because I am not the only one out there like this! There are a ton of potential clients who would love short nails decked out in nail art to the max, but wouldn’t think to come for a professional service because they don’t know what’s available for them and their fashion preference.

If you want to attract these clients it’s important to be posting and sharing images of your cool short nails, and not just the long beautiful ideal. Short nails are the BOMB, get on it! January will be the perfect time for a change.

Short nails are cool, don’t even try to argue!

DISCLAIMER!  – I also love long nails, seriously, I love them, and I adore my long nail clients too xxx

Thanks for checking out the blog!

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