CND™ Sweet Escape Collection – Shellac™, Luxe & Vinylux™

fee wallace blog for CND Sweet Escape collection

Hello Spring colours!!! These beauties are going to have your clients bursting with the joys of spring! The night before the launch of this collection we took to Facebook LIVE to put these new colours to the test live under camera. As well as showcasing the colours, we created some beautiful nail art using Sweet Escape and some new foils and glitters from Lecenté. Scroll to end of this blog for video if you want to check it out!


CND Shellac Luxe Poetry with other pinks from the existing range of colors by fee wallace

This stunning dusky pink is set to be an immediate classic. We have definitely been missing just this tone of pink. Like the soft matte pink of a cameo broach, this pink is bang on trend for spring 2019.

swatch comparison of shellac luxe poetry next to rose bud, satin pyjamas, pink pursuit by fee wallace


shellac luxe poetry by fee wallace compared with other colors in the range

Antique is another Luxe exclusive. A pretty, soft toast beige, it fits right in to any spring palette. I love the texture of this colour, applies like a dream. Especially with the beautiful Shellac Luxe brush!

fee wallace swatch comparison shellac luxe antique with cashmere wrap, naked naiveté, uncovered


CND shellac soulmate vinylux with other colors from the range by fee wallace

Soulmate has been the big favourite so far!! Can not get enough! My clients are loving it.

light elegance gel nail enhancements with shellac soulmate by fee wallace

The first comparison I tried was next to the Shellac colours that I thought were the closest by comparison.

swatch comparison CND shellac soulmate with jelly bracelet, spear and rose bud

But many people asked to see Soulmate compared with Tropix and Lobster Roll too. AS you’ll see below, Soulmate it softer and creamier.

swatch comparisons cnd shellac soulmate with tropix, lobster roll and desert poppy by fee wallace


fee wallace cnd shellac coquette compared to other colors in the range

Lush and creamy, Coquette is a sweet bubblegum pink, just a hint more purple than Cake Pop.

swatch comparison of cnd shellac coquette with mauve maverick, cake pop and beckoning begonia by fee wallace


fee wallace cnd shellac exquisite compared to existing colors in the range

It’s not a spring collection without a good yellow! Exquisite is one of the most flattering yellows I think we have ever had from CND. Yellow nails are not for everyone, even if they want them, often it’s not a good match to many skin tones, but with Exquisite I think we have our best shot yet of finding a contemporary yellow that looks good on most people.

swatch comparison of cnd shellac exquisite with jellied, honey darlin' and vagabond by fee wallace

Facebook LIVE on Sweet Squared’s Facebook Page the night before launch was a lot of fun! If you couldn’t join us live on the night, you can check it out below!


Thanks for checking out the blog! I’d love to know what you think of this new collection in the comments below or over on Facebook!

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