She Loves Pink! SHELLAC™ Nail Art with Stamping

Every nail different SHELLAC nail art pink crystals and stamping

These nails were created for one of my regular clients. This is what we did:

CND™ Liquid & Powder Enhancement Rebalance using Clear Retention+ Powder and Retention+ Liquid. This client hasn’t had a removal for years, she wears L&P as an overlay over her natural nails and we maintain that coating by Rebalancing every 2-4 weeks depending on our schedules.

SHELLAC nail art by Fee WallaceOnce the Rebalance was completed we decorated them with SHELLAC™, Lecenté Foil and Crushed Ice, Swarovski Crystals, stamping with Yours Loves Sascha Stamping Plates and hand painted detail using the Lecenté S2 Brush.

SHELLAC™ Black Pool with stamping and Lecenté Magenta Foil.

SHELLAC™ Pink Pursuit with Swarovski Crystals set in Original SHELLAC™ Top Coat.

Negative space effect. At the cuticle line: SHELLAC™ Mauve Maverick with hand painted detail in Magenta Mischief. At the extension edge: SHELLAC™ Pink Pursuit with hand painted detail in Black Poll and Swarovski Crystals. The detail was painted with the Lecenté S2 Brush.

SHELLAC™ Magenta Mischief decorated with Lecenté Crushed Ice.

SHELLAC™ Mauve Maverick decorated with Lecenté Magenta Foil and stamping using the Black Color Club Striping Polish and the Yours Loves Sascha Stamping Plate ‘Fashion Vibe’

Every nail different SHELLAC nail art pink crystals and stamping

If you are looking for tips for stamping with SHELLAC™ check out the video below. Hope it helps!



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