Creative Play™ from CND™

CND Creative Play Colors lined up in a row

Creative Play™ is new line of Nail Lacquer from CND™ just launched in Germany at the massive European Beauty Show, BEAUTY DUSSELDORF. Here in the UK & Ireland Creative Play launches on the 9th of May 2016. I have had a selection of the colours sent to me so I can experiment and road test this new product. The questions are coming in thick and fast so I wanted to address some queries right off the bat.

To get it from the horse’s mouth, access CND’s official ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for Creative Play™ here:
Official Creative Play™ FAQ Document from

Q: What is it?
A: Creative Play™ is a traditional nail lacquer from CND™

Q: How is it different from VINYLUX™?
A: VINYLUX is different from traditional enamel because it provides week long wear, gets tougher over time and required no base coat. It also has a fancy flat professional brush and matches the majority of SHELLAC colours. Creative Play is a traditional nail lacquer; base coat, top coat, short wear, quick easy removal, ideal for retail and for those who want to change their colour frequently.

Q: Does Creative Play match the SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™ colours? 
A: No, all 80 Creative Play colours are unique to this line.

Q: I heard the brush is special, how is it different from SHELLAC & VINYLUX?
A: One difference between Creative Play and VINYLUX is the brush. Both are great, but in different ways. Both VINYLUX & SHELLAC come with a flat brush, when held at the correct angle and position, this allows for exceptional precision, allowing Pros to nail the perfect tiny margin between the colour and the folds of skin surrounding the nail plate.
The Creative Play brush is cylindrical like a traditional nail polish brush, so whether you land it like a Pro, or come in at a different angle, the 400 brush hairs will allow whoever is applying the colour to get a smooth, even result, with less margin for error.

Q: Is it good for stamping and can I stamp over SHELLAC™?
A: Creative Play is AWESOME for stamping, and I’m so so happy about that. It works beautifully for stamping as part of a SHELLAC application.

Creative Play stamping nail art with SHELLAC

If you are interested in this, below there is a step by step video tutorial for the 3 looks pictured above using my favourite stamping system, the Yours Loves Sascha range of stamping plates from Yours Cosmetics, available exclusively in the UK from Sweet Squared.

Q: Is Creative Play good to use for hand painted nail designs?
Hand painted floral nail art design using Creative Play from CNDA: Oh yes! The great balance between rich, saturated colour (that comes from the Micronised pigments in the formula) and a dry time that gives us a bit of room to manoeuver, makes hand painting nail art an absolute joy.

Q: Are there good glitters and other textures?
A: Creative Play comes in 10 different finishes, 4 of which are different glitter looks!! The other’s are metallic, shimmer, cream, satin, pearl and transformer. All the colours are extremely vibrant, bold and have great opacity, save for just a handful that are intended to be semi-sheer.

Creative Play nail polish glitters lined up

Q: …and what the flip is transformer??
A: it’s like adding a layer of shimmering iridescence that will look completely different depending what angle the light hits it. Use them on their own or layered over other colours. Adding a layer of a Transformer Play multiplies the colour range considerably and will be awesome for making decals!
Click here for my video tutorial making nail art decals using CND™ VINYLUX™ as part of a SHELLAC™ Manicure

Q: Do I need to use the specific Creative Play™ Base & Top Coat and can I combine it with VINYLUX™ for layering and custom looks?
A: Of course the best results will be enjoyed when you use any product as recommended by the manufacturer. Creative Play Base & Top Coat work beautifully with Creative Play colours. If you want to try adding a layer of a glitter Play to your VINYLUX Manicure, give it a try, it’s not like it’s FORBIDDEN, just remember that the reliable, high level of performance of VINYLUX happens when it’s used as instructed.

Q: Why did CND™ bring out another range of nail polish? Does this mean VINYLUX™ will be discontinued?
CND VINYLUX & Creative Play with Top and Base CoatsA: CND™ is all about providing the perfect nail product for every level of protection needed by our clients. Until now, VINYLUX was the lowest on our ladder of longevity and protection. But VINYLUX is not an ordinary polish, it’s an outrageously fantastical product for those who want to take the time and effort to learn how to get the best out of it. But that’s not everyone’s bag, and nor should it be. Traditional polish is pure joy and fun. It’s like make up or a pair of shoes versus a pro brow service or hair extensions… All the great things people love about traditional nail enamel, Creative Play offers in abundance. VINYLUX is a whole other ball park. As a Professional, there are things I adore about working with VINYLUX that to others may feel an unnecessary hindrance. Different strokes for different folks. VINYLUX will keep on going strong because it is without question the industry’s best performing nail polish in terms of protection and longevity, but we also need a quick, easy fun offering, and Creative Play is the best version of just that.

Q: Would there be any benefit to using VINYLUX™ Top Coat over Creative Play?
A: In a word, no. VINYLUX is a two part system. VINYLUX Top Coat needs to be on top of VINYLUX Colour for all its cool features to happen.

Q: What about retailing? Am I selling this to my clients alongside VINYLUX? Is that not confusing?
A: I could give you the marketing chat here, but really I think it’s probably more helpful if I just explain how I see it rolling out for me in my business. I retail VINYLUX right now, have done since it launched. There are some of my clients who love it and there are some who bought it and didn’t get on so great with it at home themselves so didn’t buy any more of it. How I am going to explain it, is that VINYLUX is the more expensive, ‘serious business’ polish, whereas Creative Play is less expensive, more of a disposable fast fashion option.

‘Yes, you absolutely can buy VINYLUX to use at home but I’m going to need to give you a little lesson on how to use it properly & remove it correctly. This is such a wonderful, professional quality product, I need for you to get the best out of it if you choose to invest in it. If you can’t be bothered with all that, just grab some Creative Play and use it as you would any normal polish! It’s no work and all play!’

That explanation will guide the client to the best choice for them. Those of my clients for whom only the very best is good enough, who would only ever buy the more expensive version of anything with be purchasing VINYLUX, BUT will be keen to grab a few Creative Play colours for their daughters/nieces/sisters/pals.
About a quarter of my clients love applying colour to their own nails, they come to me for Enhancements (some for a natural manicure) but they change the colour at home between appointments (I encourage it!) I can usually talk them into a pedicure as a matter of good grooming, but they like to change the colour and usually come back with 50 coats of different colours on their toes… This lot are going to go nuts for Creative Play. I can think of a couple in particular who will probably own the whole range within 6 months.

I hope this has been an interesting read and has shed some light on what’s to come! I’d love to read your thoughts, questions and comments below or over on Facebook.

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