Best CND™ Creative Play Nail Lacquers to Stamp With

yours loves fee stamping creative play over cnd shellac oxblood

It’s no secret that I love stamping! Of all the methods and mediums one could use, my favourite is CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer.
Creative Play is a line of 80 traditional nail polishes with it’s on Base and Top Coat. For more info on Creative Play, how it works and what it’s good for, check out a previous blog HERE. Stamping is only one of the reasons I love Creative Play so much, it was not designed specifically to be used a stamping polish – it just so happens that many of the colours are perfect to stamp with, and that’s down to the micronized pigments in the formula.
From the 80 colours I’d say approximately 40 are ideal to stamp with, 20 are good for stamping depending on what background colour you are using, and the remaining 20 (the glitters and sheerer lacquers, are not the best choice for successful stamping.

If you are new to stamping or have been experiencing some challenges, check out this previous blog:
Nail Art Stamping – Rules to Live By! Step by Steps & Troubleshooting


Sweet Squared asked me to choose my two favourite Creative Play colours to stamp with to be part of a little kit available from today. For this kit I chose:

LET’S GO ANTIQUING – a fabulously opaque gold

POLISH MY ACT – an opaque, bold silver

To order this kit log in at

yours loves fee stamping kit available from sweet squared with cnd creative play

I chose these colours because they look so wonderful over everything – it’s like they were made to stamp with!

The next two must have colours for stamping from the Creative Play range are:

BLACK + FORTH – perfect glossy black

I BLANKED OUT – bright opaque white

Black and white are always a good choice for nail art and are total must haves for creating gorgeous stamping nail art over any sort of background colour.

I get a lot of people telling me they have the black, white, gold and silver and are somehow disappointed they aren’t stamping with other colours much. Well here’s the thing, colours don’t by default look that amazing over other colours. If you want to stamp with a bright colour, you can create some really cool looks, but they will usually look best over a very light, or very dark background. Whereas, black, white, silver and gold will look fabulous over anything. If I am stamping with a bold colour over another bold colour, I’d often use one of these top 4 to double stamp – it makes the nail look more finished, and more refined.

Now we have the 4 core stamping colours out the way, let’s look at other colours from the Creative Play range that work best for stamping. One of the things that makes a polish good to stamp with is it’s opacity when applied in a thin layer. Your stamped on design will only be a thick as the depth of the carved out design on the stamping plate, so it needs to look bold and solid, even in one thin layer.

The top 5 Creative Play colours on my list are:

ISN’T SHE GRAPE – a cool creamy purple, my fav Creative Play purple to stamp with.
SHAMROCK ON YOU – a vibrant, heavily metallic green.
TOE THE LIME – pastel lime green, amazingly opaque over any background colour.
LIFE’S A CUPCAKE – lovely soft light pink, use in place of white for a softer, yet still opaque result. Beautiful for lace over glitter.
SKINNY JEANS – bright, vibrant mid-blue, super opaque, a dream to stamp with.

examples of creative play stamped over cnd shellac, stamping nail art fee wallace


And for the next 5;

CURRANTLY SINGLE – amazingly vibrant magenta-red-raspberry. Looks different but equally fabulous over different background colours.
TAKE THE $$$ – Cool, heavily metallic bronze/gold. Looks particularly amazing over dark warm base colours.
HEAD OVER TEAL – Very fashionable colour, a personal fav, slight shimmer amongst it’s creaminess.
STEEL THE SHOW – Like a cold powder blue with a drop of purple added. Grey/blue creme.
OH! FLAMINGO – Super opaque baby pink.

more examples of cnd creative play stamped over shellac by fee wallace


5 more examples;

I LIKE TO MAUVE IT – soft, warmer lilac with a hint of shimmer.
ROYALISTA – the unmistakable royal blue of all royal blues
LOST IN SPICE – gorgeous, warm, metallic shimmer
DROP ANCHOR – a light turquoise blue creme
O-LIVE FOR THE MOMENT – heavily metallic earthy green

example of 5 creative play colors stamped over cnd shellac by fee wallace

I’ll be updating this blog with more examples soon! And I’d love to know your favourite Creative Play colours to stamp with. Comment here or join me over on Facebook.

Thanks for checking out the blog! These nail examples were created for a 90 minute Facebook LIVE broadcast we did for the launch of the Yours Loves Fee stamping plates I designed in collaboration with Yours Cosmetics.

Check out the broadcast here: Fee Wallace – Stamping LIVE

It’s 90 minutes of step by steps, hints, tips, troubleshooting and banter. Hope it’s helpful!


6 thoughts on “Best CND™ Creative Play Nail Lacquers to Stamp With

  1. Where do you get the color swatches for each CND color? Love that they are so well done and the writing /name is so easy to read? Thank you.


    1. Hi Kerry,
      Generally I put the names of the colours on the pops AFTER I photograph them. I do it on my computer. So the names aren’t really there, they are just there in the photograph. The colour pops them selves are from Sweet Squared, and I like to shape them a little before applying colour to them.


  2. Hi Fee

    Im loving the new Yours Fee collection, however im finding the dots and diamonds and falling floral difficult to pick up. Is there a knack to some designs more than others?
    Keep up all your hard work woth the blogs and videos theyre brilliant, helpful informative and soooo creative….especially because i love green too😂👍👍


  3. Hi Fee!
    Thank you so much for all good information and inspiration on instagram and here!

    What bright silver polished (creative play or vinylux) do you think gives best results, that has more reflection then “Polish my act”? . I want the same results like “Take the $$$”, but in silver.

    Thank you in forehand!
    B.R Maria


  4. Hey fee!!i always love your work it’s so inspiring thank you for sharing your ideas with us!i have a few creative play colours that don’t stamp too well can you link me to any other uses for them with shellac as I don’t want them to go dusty and not get used x


    1. Hi Sophie, thank you for your kind words! Some colours stamp better than other as you have found. As long as it’s an opaque colour in the bottle, if you want to try improving it for stamping you could do the following:
      – leave the lid off for a little while, then shake it, then repeat, then shake it, then repeat. This will mean you can not use it as a regular polish, but should make it much more stampable!


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