:YOURS Loves Fee Stamping Plates – Summer Days Collection

Yours Loves Fee Stamping plates designed by Fee Wallace

Yours Cosmetics have really spoiled us with the new collection of EIGHT stamping plates for summer 2017! This time around I got the opportunity to design three of the plates in this collection. I love how the three designers have created plates that are really quite different from each other and fully honouring their own style. Big shout out to Dee and John for their awesome plates!

Yours Stamping Plates Summer Days collection of 8 on Fee Wallace blog

Available from 3rd July!

In this blog I’m going to explore some of the possibilities with the three plates I designed. I can not tell a lie, I’m totally in love and obsessed with them. Does that sound un-humble? Probably, but you know what? I made these plate designs exactly from a culmination of my own needs and desires, and the yawning gap in our plate offerings as I saw it. I bloody love them, and I hope they bring you pleasure, dear reader.

Fee Wallace stamping plate Halo Elements Shellac Ombre Nail Art

Let’s start with the Halo Elements plate (also known as YF12). This guys is all about efficiency! On shorter nails, you’re looking at only THREE pick-ups for a set of TEN nails. On longer nails is might be five, but that’s great compared to ten. This plate might look a bit sparse, but they lay out was very deliberate, it makes it easier to use.

yours loves fee stamping with halo elements plate over shellac blue eyeshadow

nail art stamping plate designed by Fee Wallace for Yours Cosmetics named Halo ElementsAs a teen in the 90s, I wore (at least one) bindi on my forehead day and night. The patterns on the top of this plate came from that kind of symmetrical, self-contained, little tear-drop inspiration. The lower part of the plate has a sharp edged, geometric version of a similar idea. The sizes of these dinky patterns should make them perfect for one per nail which each nail a little different, depending on the length of the nail you are applying to of course. These patterns were created to fit the :YOURS Halo Stamper exactly for easy usability.

shellac field fox with ombre stamping nail art using Yours Loves Fee stamping plates

nail art stamping plate designed by fee wallace named Deco DreamsThe image above uses the Halo Elements plate but the teal and lime striped ombré was created with the Deco Dreams plate. The art deco style is a firm classic for nail art and it’s one nail trend I’m delighted is standing the test of time. For 17 years I’ve been painstakingly hand painting parallel lines, I thought it was about time we had a stamping plate with the appropriate thickness of lines to allow us another option to create deco nail styles quickly and precisely.

Yours Halo stamper with design from yours loves fee stamping plate deco dreams

Again, the size of the patterns on this plate were designed around the :YOURS Halo Stamper.

art deco stamping nail art by fee wallace

In the design above I kept the procedure really simple and applied Lecenté Rocket Fireworks Glitter to the sticky top film of the cured Shellac colour layer, AFTER stamping on the design. You’ll see there are glitter particles spilling over into the other sections – which I’m totally fine with, but if you prefer a more precise ‘colour inside the lines’ look, you can mix a glitter paste by adding the glitter to a few drops of Lecenté Layer It on a plastic backed pad or pallet, and painting on with a fine detailer such as the Lecenté D2 Brush.

shellac sugarcane with double stamping nail art using creative play by fee wallace

nail art stamping plate designed by fee wallace named hello petalThe Hello Petal plate might well be my favourite of the three. Both the designs here are ideal for double stamping and can be integrated with each other in this way. I love using CND™ Creative Play for stamping. Some colours are very opaque, but many are semi-sheer and are therefor amazing for creating that kind of screen-printed art effect where the colours overlap to make new colours in layers.
I felt we were missing designs with a decent bit of space between thicker lines and this very simple abstract petal pattern on the lower half of the plate gives us just that.

double stamping nail art over shellac be demure with the yours loves fee plate hello petal

One massive benefit of the :YOURS Halo Stamper is that it is clear. We can see exactly where we are placing our designs on the nail. The opportunity for this kind of precision means we can create very symmetrical double stamped designs with the patterns intersecting exactly where we want those colours to overlap. In the design above I have stamped first with Creative Play Skinny Jeans then with Creative Play Well Red and I just love the little purple diamonds that are present everywhere the two stamps overlap.

Rainbow Chrome Unicorn Nail art with diamonds stamped with the yours loves fee stamping plate deco dreams

Thanks for checking out the blog! I’ll be posting again soon with more detailed step by steps for some of the new looks I’ve been creating with the :YOURS Summer Days Plates. Expect some new tutorial videos too!

This collection is available from early July 2017 and you can purchase in the UK & ROI exclusively from Sweet Squared.
:YOURS have local distributors all over the world! Check out the list on their website HERE to find a distributor in your country. If you don’t see your country on the list you can purchase direct from :YOURS who ship worldwide.

nail art stamping and Lecenté chameleon chrome over CND Shellac by Fee Wallace

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