Lecenté Chrome Nails with CND Shellac – Troubleshooting Video

Images by fee wallace of nails created with the first lecente chrome collection

On Sunday night we had great fun on Facebook LIVE! I love Lecenté’s Chrome Effect system, it’s so fabulous and useful for a whole range of nail art techniques.

We spent an hour working on natural nails with CND™ Shellac, troubleshooting the Lecenté Chrome system and talking through the process step by step with my own hints and tips.


Get your hands on these products!

To buy Lecenté products, :YOURS stamping plates and CND Shellac in the UK & Ireland get in touch with Sweet Squared

For Lecenté in the rest of the world go direct to Lecenté

For :YOURS plates, stampers and other cool stamping items, go direct to :YOURS – they ship worldwide!

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