CND NIGHT MOVES The Collection – Shellac & Vinylux

CND Night Moves Collection image on Fee Wallace blog

Oh man! We love a festive sparkle collection! So pretty, elegant, wonderful shimmering nude tones with an sparkly red!! Launching in the UK & Ireland on the 29th September.

CND Shellac Night Moves bottles line up

I chose to swatch these colours on little cover tips against the inside of my forearm, like you might do with eye or lip colours. Bare in mind I’m a fair skinned natural redhead with a neutral (not particularly warm or cool) skin tone.

Before diving into the Night Moves Collection, if you fancy checking out a previous awesome festive collection from CND, you can’t do much better than the CND™ Starstruck Collection. Combine these two collections and your’ve got everything you need to get through the season in the salon!


This is a softly golden shimmer. I love the sparkle of Bellini,  texturally metallic, elegant, and definitely not too yellow.

Bellini nail color CND shellac & vinylux from Night Moves Collection swatch by fee wallace


Soirée Strut (swa-RAY)

It’s a weird name, right? I quite like it, very Drag Race… The warm nudey babe of this collection, Soirée Strut has a soft shimmer texture rather than being heavily metallic. It’s very pretty, almost misty.. ‘brushed metal through a winter’s day mist..

soirée strut nail color CND shellac and vinylux swatches by fee wallace from the night moves collection


After Hours

Now it’s time for the silver darling! After Hours shares the same depth of texture as Bellini, but is cool and crisp. Stunning metallic silver, we have been missing this colour for a LONG time!

after hours nail color shellac & vinylux CND night moves collection swatch by fee wallace


Kiss of Fire

And finally, our glorious festive red. A definite hit with a huge percentage of clients. The picture speaks for itself.

kiss of fire nail color CND shellac and vinylux from night moves collection swatch by fee wallace


The CND™ Night Moves Collection is available from Sweet Squared from the 29th September! Woo-hoo!

cnd night moves collection launch date on fee wallace blog

Thanks for checking out the blog! Hope you found this helpful.

Let me know what you think in the comments or jump over to Facebook to join in the discussion.

I’ll be updating Instagram with a ton of cute pictures showing some of the festive nail styles and nail art techniques using this beautiful new collection.


Thank again!

Fee xxxx

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