CND™ Yes, I Do Collection – Shellac™ & Vinylux™

fee wallace blog cnd shellac bridal collection yes i do

For 2019’s summer wedding season, CND have introduced the ‘Yes, I Do’ Collection. Four divine bridal shades with on theme names, ready to delight those hoping to conjure a demure and virtuous illusion with their wedding manicure. All four colours available in both CND™ Shellac and Vinylux.

fee wallace facebook live for cnd yes i do collection shellac and vinylux

Join me on Facebook LIVE at 7:30pm, Tuesday 7th May, introducing the new collection live under camera. See the colours applied to natural nails, and get ideas from our step by step bridal nail art designs.

CND Shellac bridal nude colors from the Yes, I do collection on fee wallace blog

I have always been astounded at the choices clients make for their bridal nails. Clients who usually go bold and bling, often favour something subdued and subtle. I am not quite sure what is going on here, I reckon someone should write an academic paper on the phenomenon. Why wedding fashion is still governed by the deeply established socio-cultural reasons for viewing purity as a virtue, I can’t say.  But the fact that bridal nail trends provoke this discussion is, in its self interesting. Brides, even in 2019, are observed to be gravitating toward the classic soft, lacy palette, and CND knows how to give us what we need to create the wedding nails of our client’s dreams.


Forever Yours

fee wallace describes shellac forever yours from CND yes, I do the collection

color comparison swatch cnd shellac forever yours from yes, I do the collection on fee wallace blog



description of shellac veiled cnd yes, i do the collection on fee wallace blog

shellac veiled swatch comparison from cnd yes, i do the collection by fee wallace



shellac bouquet comparison swatch cnd yes, i do collection by fee wallace



White Wedding

fee wallace describes shellac white wedding from the yes, i do collection on her blog

shellac white wedding swatch comparison cnf yes, i do the collection by fee wallace


Yes, I Do – the Collection, goes on sale in the UK on the 8th of May.  Log into to purchase your set.

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