Light Elegance – Year of the Woman ButterCream Collection

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LE Year of the Woman is a collection of 5 new ButterCreams for summer 2019. The shades are mad feminine, but extremely vivid and bold. At first I did think, ‘3 pinks in one collection?!’ But these pinks are on another level. There is something about the vivid opacity of LE ButterCreams that brings a colour to life in a way I have not experienced before. I wish I had the right words to describe what I mean… it’s like the colour jumps right out at you. Open a pot of ButterCream and my client and I both draw a sharp breath and marvel at it, wide eyed, as I rotate the open pot in the light. You need to see it to believe it.

light elegance buttercream year of the woman gel swatch color pops by fee wallace

Then there is the application. LE ButterCreams are a hard gel, they are not a gel polish, so we apply them over enhancements with a gel brush. The consistency is like thick cream and warm butter, that’s the best way to describe it. LE ButterCreams glide on like heaven. I feel confident and satisfied when I’m working with them. The opacity and viscosity means you can get unbelievably close to the cuticle line and side walls with a precision I have not experienced in 20 years of doing nails professionally. Honestly, it’s like a dream.

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Join us if you can for Facebook LIVE over on Sweet Squared’s FB Page. Thursday the 6th of June at 7:30pm UK time. We’ll be under camera putting the new Year of the Woman Collection to the test live. Hope to see you there!

First up from the new collection, a hot summer coral…

light elegance hard gel enhancements with confident coral buttercream and stamping nail art by fee wallace

Confident Coral

This is a stand out for me from this collection. I’m struggling to pick up in photographs just how vibrant and almost neon like this bold pastel coral shade is. It’s the perfect creme summer coral. Above it’s pictured with stamping nail art using the :YOURS loves Sascha plate Blooming Four, :YOURS stamping polish Black Out and finished with Light Elegance Flat Matte Top Coat.

light elegance buttercream stamping nail art products by fee wallace

Next up, some serious PINK

light elegance beautiful and bold buttercream by fee wallace

Beautiful & Bold

This is the hot pink to end all hot pinks. As you may know, I am not usually a pink fan… in fact, I tend to talk my clients out of pinks as a general rule. But when Beautiful & Bold turned up I had to throw my hands up in surrender, ‘OK, OK, you win this time pink… I submit to you completely.’ Here we sparkled her up some with a touch of LE Very Berry Glitter Gel.

light elegance beautiful and bold buttercream with LE glitter gel very berry by fee wallace

Our third new ButterCream is a shimmery sky blue..

sisterhood light elegance buttercream with stamping by fee wallace from year of the woman


Now THIS is my jam! What a babe! I love everything about this colour. This is the only properly shimmery ButterCream in the collection, and by gosh is it eye catching. I have also been astounded to discover that it looks great so far on the skin tones of everyone I’ve applied it to. Not what i was expecting from such a cool, metallic light blue. Pictured here with a little stamping nail art using the :YOURS loves Anna Lee plate Oriental Blossoms, and the :YOURS stamping polish White Light.

light elegance sisterhood buttercream yours stamping nail art products by fee wallace

Now for something light and vivid!

light elegance female and fabulous square nails buttercream gel by fee wallace

Female & Fabulous

This is the other colour in the collection to have shimmer. Unlike Sisterhood, the shimmer in Female & Fabulous is gentle and subtle. Again, i was amazed by how opaque and beautiful to apply this ButterCream was. Ordinarily, full coverage white can be a bit of a pain to get perfect, not to mention the worry of staining and discolouration we have when doing full white gel polish… but as this is hard gel finished with LE Super Shiny Top Coat, staining and discolouration are not something we need to concern ourselves with. It’s absolutly incredible! The little bit of detail was created here using a dotting tool and 3 more ButterCreams; Black Tie, Sisterhood, and Sassy Lassie.

light elegance buttercream hard gel sisterhood sassy lassie female and fabulous by fee wallace

And speaking of Sassy Lassie…

light elegance buttercream hard gel sassy lassie matte and shiny with lecente glitter sugaring by fee wallace

Sassy Lassie

A mouthwateringly hot orangey red. This is a red for summer! I love this colour finished in both a matte and glossy finish, and a little bit of glitter sugaring on the matte nails sets it off beautifully for the sunshine. In the picture above I completed two of the nails with LE Flat Matte Top Coat, removed the top film after curing and then applied LE’s no wipe top coat, Light Elegance Top Gloss with a dotting tool to create the sash across the nail. To the uncured Top Gloss, I added Lecenté Coral Iridescent Glitter by sprinkling on the dry glitter using a cuticle hoof tool as a scoop. Once the uncured Top Gloss was fully saturated with glitter, simply cure it and dust off any excess glitter with a Lecenté G1 Brush.

light elegance sassy lassie buttercream with lecente glitter nail art products by fee wallace

And finally, worth the wait…

Light Elegance Boss Lady ButterCream ombre fade nails with sassy lassie and waffle cone plus stripes by fee wallace

Boss Lady

A lovely cream, mid-pink. Soft, yet still bold. This type of pink is an out and out classic. Although there are close similars to this colour in other product ranges, it’s such a nail fashion palette staple that Boss Lady is certainly a must-have. If you are looking for a top ten most popular ButterCream shades to get started with, this colour needs to be in there. I’d bet my last fiver that there will always be clients who will wear nothing but this kind of pink.
I found that Boss Lady and Sassy Lassie looked amazing together as an ombre fade nail. Adding the LE Glitter Gel Waffle Cone was the icing on the cake! A little more detail hand painted with LE Primary Black Gel Paint and the look was complete! I adore hand painting with Light Elegance Gel Paints, it’s the easiest medium I’ve ever used to hand paint nail art with.

light elegance boss lady buttercream with waffle cone glitter gel and LE Gel Paint products by fee wallace

If you want to get into some serious nail art with Light Elegance, or want to get to grips with the basics, check out the new LE Classes on offer from Sweet Squared. Light Elegance Education at the award winning level of quality offered by all S2’s academies and educators.

Sign up for Light Elegance Education in the UK or if you are already qualified and want to dive right in, purchase Light Elegance products from the official, exclusive UK distributor.

Light Elegance is an international brand based in the Oregon, USA. LE Education in the USA with LEUniversity, and for product in the US, go direct to the Light Elegance official website.

Check out a map with all of Light Elegance international and local distributors HERE.

Thanks for checking out the blog! Hope you have enjoyed getting a look at this new collection. Join me over on my Facebook for more step by steps and discussions. I’d love to know what you think!

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See you next time!

Fee xx


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