Light Elegance – Shibui ButterCream Collection

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So excited to finally have this collection in my life and on my client’s nails!

swatch line up of shibui buttercream fall light elegance by fee wallace

This beautiful dusky palette might be the most autumnal thing I’ve ever seen!

hand painted nail art by fee wallace show me your chakra light elegance

Show Me Your Chakra is a beautifully shimmery, heavily metallic, rose gold. I absolutly love finishing colours like this with LE Flat Matte Top Coat, the finish is divine, it’s like super dense, micro-velvet.

Show Me Your Chakra also looks awesome in a thin layer over other colours, superb for adding a bit of dimension or creating subtle variety amongst accent nails.

stamping nail art light elegance by fee wallace downward dog buttercream with lecente foil

Downward Dog is the stand out bright of this collection. The depth and warmth of this mouth-watering orange jump right out from amongst the muted softness of it’s collection cousins. In the image above I’ve softened the brightness down with a little Inhale Exhale blended in from the sides. After curing the blended ButterCream layer, I stamped using the :YOURS Wild Skin Stamping Plate and Black Out Stamping Polish. The design was brought to life with just a touch of Lecenté Rainbow Shimmer Foil, applied here and there where some stickiness remained. This ultra glossy look was completed with LE Super Shiny Top Coat.

light elegance buttercream downward dog from shibui with stamping nail art by fee wallace

And here she is in her full bright, warm, orange glory. A little bold stamping nail art sets the colour off beautifully using the :YOURS loves Fee Angular Fade Stamping Plate.

light elegance now and zen buttercream with stamping nail art by fee wallace shibui

Now And Zen is a stunningly deep minky purple. I just love it here in all it’s glossy glory, decorated with first a smudge of Mantra Mauve, then a smudge of Show Me Your Chakra, followed by this pretty cherry blossom design created with the :YOURS Zen Garden Stamping Plate and White Light Stamping Plate.

light elegance now and zen with lecente clearly oil slick foil by fee wallace

Now here she is in a MUCH brighter light, showing of the shards of Lecenté Clearly Oil Slick Foil under LE Flat Matte Top Coat.

light elegance nail art with mantra mauve buttercream by fee wallace

Mantra Mauve is the softest, duskiest colour of the lot. It’s a minky mousy creamy gloss guy. Beautiful as a base to add more intense colour and textural elements, as in the image above. I used Finding Tranquillity, Show me Your Chakra and Gold Bug ButterCream – which by the way, is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE if you don’t have it already. I’ve never seen a more perfect gold glitter for nail art.

inhale exhale buttercream from light elegance shibui collection by fee wallace

Inhale Exhale is the perfect berry mauve, glossy and rich, moth-watering autumnal fruits of the forest loveliness. It’s a stone cold stunner that will see you and your clients through winter. We kept it simple here with just a sleek reverse moon hand painted with Finding Tranquillity and the LE Gel Polish Brush.

le finding tranquillity with lecente mermaid chunky glitter light elegance shibui

Finally we have Finding Tranquility, the deepest, darkest, richest babe from this collection. This colour is BAD ASS! It is the darkest purple known to man, and holds the coveted position of being my Mother In Law’s favourite nail colour of all time.
In the picture above we have brought her to life (the colour, not my MIL), with a smattering of Lecenté mermaid Chunky Glitter, perfectly encapsulated by LE Super Shiny Top Coat. What a stunner!


Thanks for checking out the blog!!


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Fee xxx

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