CND™ CRYSTAL ALCHEMY Collection – Shellac & Vinylux

Fee Wallacer blog banner for CND crystal alchemy collection

Exciting times!! This collection is getting big love left, right, and centre! It’s without doubt the best festive collection we’ve had from CND since the NIGHTSPELL Collection.

We took to Facebook LIVE to show off the collection up close under camera. You can check the video out HERE or scroll to the end of this blog to check it out.

Fee Wallace facebook live for cnd crystal alchemy and sweet squared

I had a lot of fun creating the colour comparisons for this collection. I was able to use some of my very favourite Shellac colours of all time to illustrate the subtle and surprising differences between the new collection and existing colours in the range. To go along with my Shellac comparisons, Chloe Cordelia created some of the most exquisite beauty shots using the Vinylux incarnations of the five new colours in this collection. Amazing job Chloe!

Powerful Hematite

vinylux cnd powerful hematite by chloe on fee wallace blog

This guy is my personal favourite! I love everything about it. Looks amazing glossy, matte, or splattered with foil. As you will see from the comparisons, t’s got a shimmer, but it’s not too heavily metallic.


powerful hematite shellac swatch comparison by fee wallace

If you have been using CND Shellac for a long time you are probably looking at that picture thinking, ‘but isn’t it just like Overtly Onyx??’ Well, it’s in the same region, but I think it’s even nicer.

comparison of shellac powerful hematite and overtly onyx by fee wallace

And as Powerful Hematite is my favourite, I had to get it on my nails ASAP! Here he is with Lecenté Rainbow Shimmer Foil.

short nails shellac manicure with lecente rainbow shimmer foil by fee wallace

Watch this look created step by step in the video at the bottom of the blog. We start it at about 58 minutes in.


Lovely Quarts

This is such a pretty colour. At first glance I thought she was going to be similar to the classic CND colour Make a Wish/Iced Coral, but in fact, Lovely Quarts is extremely opaque, even in one layer, and outstanding as a winter shimmer nude just begging to be adorned with frosty glitter.

vinylux shellac lovely quartz from cnd crystal alchemy by chloe on fee wallace blog

What a gorgeous shot Chloe! And below, I love a nude comparison pic! Looks so clean and fresh.

shellac cnd lovely quartz swatch comparison by fee wallace


Sassy Sapphire

This hotly awaited deep gloss blue with a hint of hidden shimmer will blow your socks off! This colour is truly magnificent.

CND sassy sapphire by chloe cordelia on fee wallace blog

Sassy Sapphire has come at a great time! Now that Peacock Plume has been discontinued, this beautiful colour is helping to heal that bitter heartbreak.

shellac sassy sapphire swatch comparison by fee wallace


Divine Diamond

vinylux shellac cnd divine diamond by chloe cordelia on fee wallace blog

I am an utter fool for this colour. I know it doesn’t necessarily look like it will be a big hit, and on some skin toes it looks greeny and not terribly flattering to the hands… BUT BUT BUT! It goes on like a dream! Perfectly opaque in one layer AND is probably one of the best Shellac colours for hand painting that has ever existed. No question, I’ll love it forever.

shellac divine diamond swatch comparison by fee wallace


Rebellious Ruby

shellac vinylux rebellious ruby by chloe cordelia on fee wallace blog

A new winter red, it’s a no brainer. Clients love it. This is deep and a bit plumy, it’s a warm and foggy red. Not as dark as Masquerade, not as glittery as Ruby Ritz, but somewhere gorgeous in between.

shellac rebellious ruby swatch comparison by fee wallace


Thanks so much for checking out the blog! If you fancy checking out the application action and some ideas and techniques for nail designs using this collection, you can watch our video below!


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