On the Soft Skills of the Nail & Beauty Professional

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If you would rather have this blog read to you, press play on the SoundCloud bar below. https://soundcloud.com/fee-wallace-72305152/on-the-soft-skills-of-the-nail-beauty-professional What is it we think of when considering the skills of the Nail & Beauty Professional? First off, we think of the hard stuff. Which treatments are they qualified in? What are they insured to do? What … Continue reading On the Soft Skills of the Nail & Beauty Professional


Nail Enhancement Maintenance?

CND Liquid and Powder Nail Enhancements by Fee Wallace

If you would prefer to hear this blog as an audio recording, press play below! This is not a 'how to' for the rebalance procedure. I will have a future blog with pictures and video where we discuss specific techniques to overcome challenges when rebalancing, in this blog I'm talking about the 'Theory of Rebalancing'. … Continue reading Nail Enhancement Maintenance?