Nail Enhancement Maintenance?

CND Liquid and Powder Nail Enhancements by Fee Wallace

If you would prefer to hear this blog as an audio recording, press play below! This is not a 'how to' for the rebalance procedure. I will have a future blog with pictures and video where we discuss specific techniques to overcome challenges when rebalancing, in this blog I'm talking about the 'Theory of Rebalancing'. … Continue reading Nail Enhancement Maintenance?

How to charge for Professional Nail Services

hand painted VINYLUX nail art image by Fee Wallace, How to charge for Professional Nail Services

If you would rather listen to this blog post as an audio recording, press play below and I'll read it to you! Let me start by saying this is all just advice based on my own personal experience. Over the last 17 years as a Nail Professional, a salon owner, a one man band, an … Continue reading How to charge for Professional Nail Services

Lecenté Crushed Ice

Lecente Crushed Ice

I've had a lot of requests for how to get the best results with Lecenté's new Random Glitter, Crushed Ice. In this video we take a look at 2 techniques using SHELLAC™ and a final look with CND™ Retention+ Liquid & Powder.   First Look: SHELLAC™ Magenta Mischief with Crushed Ice on short natural … Continue reading Lecenté Crushed Ice