Lecenté Crushed Ice

Lecente Crushed Ice

I’ve had a lot of requests for how to get the best results with Lecenté’s new Random Glitter, Crushed Ice. In this video we take a look at 2 techniques using SHELLAC™ and a final look with CND™ Retention+ Liquid & Powder.


SHELLAC Magenta Mischief with Lecente Crushed Ice
SHELLAC Nail Art with the products in the background including Lecente Crushed Ice

First Look:
SHELLAC™ Magenta Mischief with Crushed Ice on short natural nails.

Second Look:
SHELLAC™ Lavender Lace with Peacock Plume on a medium/long gentle almond nail.

Third Look:
CND™ Retention+ Liquid & Powder. The mix for the nail bed was; 3 parts Warm Pink Opaque Perfect Color Powder, 3 parts Perfect Color Clear Powder, 2 Parts Intense Pink Retention+ Powder and 2 Parts Lecenté Golden White Iridescent Glitter


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