SHELLAC™ with VINYLUX™ Design Corroded Core

SHELLAC & VINYLUX Nail Art CND Art Vandal Collection

I love using VINYLUX™ to create pre-made decals I can use for fast and fabulous nail art on my clients. There is a step by step for this look in the video.  

CND™ Flirtation Collection

CND Flirtation Girl with bottles

Follow this link to read my full analysis of CND™ 's newest SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™ Collections. Fee's CND™ Flirtation Collection Blog In this blog you will find: Colour comparison shots Nail Art ideas and how to's My own opinions and feelings about the colours A review of how the colours look and feel to apply … Continue reading CND™ Flirtation Collection

Lecenté Crushed Ice

Lecente Crushed Ice

I've had a lot of requests for how to get the best results with Lecenté's new Random Glitter, Crushed Ice. In this video we take a look at 2 techniques using SHELLAC™ and a final look with CND™ Retention+ Liquid & Powder.   First Look: SHELLAC™ Magenta Mischief with Crushed Ice on short natural … Continue reading Lecenté Crushed Ice

Bronze & Silver Sparks – SHELLAC™ & YOURS Stamping

I created this look for one of my favourite nail clients. She is wearing CND™ Liquid & Powder Enhancements decorated with SHELLAC™ and Lecenté™ Nail Art Foil pressed on to a design stamped on from the Yours Loves Sascha range of Stamping Plates. Apply one layer of SHELLAC™ Untitled Bronze and cure in the CND™ … Continue reading Bronze & Silver Sparks – SHELLAC™ & YOURS Stamping

That Awkward First Post

Fee Wallace nail picture collage

Well, here we are! I have STUFF all over the place between blogs attached to company websites, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, magazine articles I keep forgetting are coming out, etc... I need a place to tie it all together, a 'home' to come back to. Somewhere to archive all my bits and pieces and a … Continue reading That Awkward First Post