Facebook Live Broadcast – UK launch of Creative Play™

Fee Wallace at the launch of CND Creative Play

Thanks to everyone who tuned in and made it along in person to my first ever Facebook LIVE Broadcast this morning to mark the launch of CND's newest nail lacquer line, Creative Play™ Sweet Squared customers across the UK and Ireland have been requesting demos and step by steps for using Creative Play™ to stamp … Continue reading Facebook Live Broadcast – UK launch of Creative Play™


How to charge for Professional Nail Services

hand painted VINYLUX nail art image by Fee Wallace, How to charge for Professional Nail Services

If you would rather listen to this blog post as an audio recording, press play below and I'll read it to you! Let me start by saying this is all just advice based on my own personal experience. Over the last 17 years as a Nail Professional, a salon owner, a one man band, an … Continue reading How to charge for Professional Nail Services

Shattered Glass Nail Design

shattered glass broken glass nail art with shellac

The Shattered Glass Nail trend really exploded on to the scene and is popular with DIY consumers and also with Nail Professionals. As a professional, there are three ways I like to use to create the shattered glass nail look for my clients using SHELLAC™ from CND™ The video below shows a quick step by … Continue reading Shattered Glass Nail Design

Creative Play™ from CND™

CND Creative Play Colors lined up in a row

Creative Play™ is new line of Nail Lacquer from CND™ just launched in Germany at the massive European Beauty Show, BEAUTY DUSSELDORF. Here in the UK & Ireland Creative Play launches on the 9th of May 2016. I have had a selection of the colours sent to me so I can experiment and road test … Continue reading Creative Play™ from CND™

She Loves Pink! SHELLAC™ Nail Art with Stamping

Every nail different SHELLAC nail art pink crystals and stamping

These nails were created for one of my regular clients. This is what we did: CND™ Liquid & Powder Enhancement Rebalance using Clear Retention+ Powder and Retention+ Liquid. This client hasn't had a removal for years, she wears L&P as an overlay over her natural nails and we maintain that coating by Rebalancing every 2-4 … Continue reading She Loves Pink! SHELLAC™ Nail Art with Stamping

SHELLAC™ with VINYLUX™ Design Corroded Core

SHELLAC & VINYLUX Nail Art CND Art Vandal Collection

I love using VINYLUX™ to create pre-made decals I can use for fast and fabulous nail art on my clients. There is a step by step for this look in the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JShj5ax2ndU  

CND™ Flirtation Collection

CND Flirtation Girl with bottles

Follow this link to read my full analysis of CND™ 's newest SHELLAC™ & VINYLUX™ Collections. Fee's CND™ Flirtation Collection Blog In this blog you will find: Colour comparison shots Nail Art ideas and how to's My own opinions and feelings about the colours A review of how the colours look and feel to apply … Continue reading CND™ Flirtation Collection

Lecenté Crushed Ice

Lecente Crushed Ice

I've had a lot of requests for how to get the best results with Lecenté's new Random Glitter, Crushed Ice. In this video we take a look at 2 techniques using SHELLAC™ and a final look with CND™ Retention+ Liquid & Powder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inal9JdQsjM   First Look: SHELLAC™ Magenta Mischief with Crushed Ice on short natural … Continue reading Lecenté Crushed Ice

Bronze & Silver Sparks – SHELLAC™ & YOURS Stamping

I created this look for one of my favourite nail clients. She is wearing CND™ Liquid & Powder Enhancements decorated with SHELLAC™ and Lecenté™ Nail Art Foil pressed on to a design stamped on from the Yours Loves Sascha range of Stamping Plates. Apply one layer of SHELLAC™ Untitled Bronze and cure in the CND™ … Continue reading Bronze & Silver Sparks – SHELLAC™ & YOURS Stamping